Book Review: Rani Padmavati - The Burning Queen by Anuja Chandramouli

ISBN: 978-9386228529

Genre: Fiction 

Publishers: Juggernaut

Price: Rs. 299/-  ( I got the book for review from the author)
Behind the Book

Padmavati is the most beautiful queen Chittor has ever had. Everyone who sees her is enthralled by her grace and goodness. When the greedy gaze of the Sultan of Delhi, Alauddin Khalji, falls upon Chittor and its queen, Padmavati’s flawless beauty turns against her, because it inspires both love and hate in equal measure. Beset by the threat of an invasion and scheming political rivals who are envious of her immense popularity, Rani Padmavati must rise to the demands of war and fight for everything she believes in. This is the story of a remarkable woman who lived gently, loved passionately, and embraced her destiny with unmatched courage.

About the Author
Anuja Chandramouli is a bestselling Indian author and New Age Indian Classicist. Her highly acclaimed debut novel, Arjuna: Saga of a Pandava Warrior-Prince, was named by Amazon India as one of the top 5 books in the Indian Writing category for the year 2013. Kamadeva: The God of Desire and Shakti: The Divine Feminine are her other bestsellers. Currently all three books are being translated into Hindi, Marathi, Gujarathi and Bengali, a real achievement for one so young. Her epic fantasies called Yama’s Lieutenant and its sequel has received an overwhelming response.

Her newest books are on Kartikeya, Padmavati and Prithviraj Chauhan.

An accomplished orator, she regularly conducts workshops on Creative Writing, Story Telling and Mythology in schools, colleges and various other platforms. Her motivational speeches have also been well received. According to Chandramouli, her work with youngsters in the rural belt helping them improve their Spoken English and Writing skills has been wonderfully satisfying and enriching.
This happily married, mother of two little girls, lives in Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu. She is a student of classical dance and Yoga.She can be reached at

With a stunning cover and an interesting blurb, author Anuja Chandramouli invites us to hear the story of Rani Padmavati. For reasons both ugly and beautiful this historical character has been in the news lately increasing the interest towards her story for one and all.

To be honest, I faintly remember reading her story in history books as a kid but never managed to read more about it later on in detail. This book comes across as a well timed read for me, which also happens to be very well written on the topic. With this book, the author manages to unravel a lot of mystery surrounding the queen and also demystifies her. Anuja Chandramouli's writing is crisp with a flair for vivid descriptions making it a thoroughly enjoyable read.

Hatred, jealousy, love, lust and war - this one is a perfect potboiler with every element of making it an entertaining read. One thing I really love reading historical fiction is, it brings forth so many things we never knew about. We talk about women empowerment and feminism in the 21st century where a woman standing up for herself is considered  a rare feat. And here we have Rani Padmavati who stood up for her own right and self respect centuries ago. I thoroughly enjoyed the descriptions and the word play associated with her character. It makes Rani Padmavati come alive in those pages. Written in lucid manner, the author has an engaging tone throughout the book. The scenes are gripping and leave you feeling the chills and thrills of story. I would like to add here, the courage displayed by Rani Padmavati is infectious. You not only feel proud of her for doing so, you also feel inspired to do so in your own life.

While writing historical fiction, one of the biggest complaints I have always had as a reader is when the author fails to be able to recreate that era in those pages. And that is where author Anuja Chandramouli scores a brownie point. She successfully manages to recreate that era and transports the reader to those times. The climax though well written left me asking for more. Maybe because I loved the book so much that I just didn't want it to end.

Strongly recommended for it sheer beauty of narration and gripping story telling!

Foodie Verdict

 This book is like Double Ka meetha - looks simple but is divine!

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