2017 - The year that was

This blog, previously known as “Reviews and Musings” has always been my neglected child. I always put more effort behind my creative writing blog till last year when I shut it down completely. On the hindsight it wasn’t a bad decision at all. It helped me complete my own manuscript, research for the second one and finish a short story collection. It also helped me stay sane in the periods when I couldn’t write because “not updating my blog” was no longer killing me. Lastly, it also helped me focus on this baby of mine which was a little lost till then. It had a niche, sure, but it didn’t have a direction. 2017 was the year I gave it a concrete direction.

So if you notice, the blog has had a makeover, a name change, a change in style of reviewing and also a change in the type of books that are being reviewed. There have been a lot of new segments I have tried to bring in like “What’s in store?” where I share the list of books I will review that month, a recommended reads list genre wise and some random write ups about reading and publishing in general. This year I have brought down the number of reviews drastically. Quality over quantity you see and it will go further down in 2018. I even plan to write more of literary criticism than just a generic review of the books from my personal collection. (which BTW for yet another year stayed untouched. Thanks to the never ending review pile!)

This year has been full of a lot many firsts. I received my first appreciation email from an author for the review of another’s author’s book. It was touching to see the effort I put behind expressing my thoughts was felt. I added quite a few renowned publishing houses to my list. I held a contest in collaboration with a website for the readers for the first time. One of the reviews this year was selected by an international magazine. 2017 was also the year when I discovered the terms book blogger, book tuber and bookstagrammer. I tried book styling for the first time and also dabbled in bookstagramming. Though I am still a novice at these, I am trying to keep up to changes book reviewing has gone through.

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Why am I saying all this? 
Because today this munchkin turns 6 and I couldn’t have been more proud. For having consistently been a part of Top Indian Blogs directory for last 5 years, for giving me a reason to keep reading , for being that rock I fall back on to justify the hours I spend doing nothing but reading, for being that comforting shrug in cold nights that left both my heart and soul frozen, for having been that one place where I can come back anytime knowing that I will still be welcomed with open arms. You know when you love someone, you always be there for them…no matter what. This blog has been that place for me. And I promise to not let the found direction get lost this time and just keep striding ahead!

If you have been reading till now, then it means you have witnessed my journey till here closely. Well, that means a lot to me. Thank you so much for being there. And if it’s not too much to ask, pray please tell me what you think I could do better or am doing better. Would love to hear your thoughts on this blog.

Have a bookish-ly happening 2018!


  1. Oh, I have witnessed your journey!
    Congratulations, Me! Happy Blog Birthday. May you read wonderful books. May you write beautiful stories. Keep growing, my friend.
    My best wishes, always! :)

    1. Thank you so much dear, I truly appreciate your encouragement and support all the way!

      Amen to your wishes <3


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