Book Review : Mad Country by Samrat Upadhyay



ISBN: 978-1616957964

Genre: Fiction /Anthology

Publishers: Rupa Publishing House

Price: Rs. 295/-  ( I got the book for review from the publisher)
Behind the Book

Samrat Upadhyay's new collection vibrates at the edges of intersecting cultures. Journalists in Kathmandu are targeted by the government. A Nepali man studying in America drops out of school and finds himself a part of the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri. A white American woman moves to Nepal and changes her name. A Nepali man falls in love with a mysterious foreign black woman. A rich kid is caught up in his own fantasies of poverty and bank robbery. In the title story, a powerful woman, the owner of a construction company, becomes a political prisoner, and in stark and unflinching prose we see both her world and her mind radically remade.

Through the course of the stories in this collection, Upadhyay builds new modes of seeing our interconnected contemporary world. A collection of formal inventiveness, heartbreak and hope, it reaffirms Upadhyay's position as one or our most important chroniclers of globalization and exile

About the Author

Samrat Upadhyay was born and raised in Nepal. He is the author of The City Son, which was shortlisted for the PEN Open Book Award. He has written for The New York Times and has appeared on BBC Radio and National Public Radio. Upadhyay teaches creative writing at Indiana University.

A collection of short stories, this book talks about intersecting cultures in a very interesting fashion. Perhaps my first Nepalese author and I have now become a huge fan of his writings. I admire the way he has captured certain nuances of life so well, articulated them beautifully in his stories to make his world come alive for each and every reader of the book.

The stories are so poignant, heart warming and at the same time have a wow element present. Written in a crisp fashion and simple language these stories are what can perfectly be called " a slice of life" He takes those slices and presents them to you through this book. The author's writing is poetic in a way that he has a knack of bringing alive emotions in his words. There is not a single story in the collection which can be called as dull or boring. Each one of them is so beautiful that it is difficult to choose a favourite from these.His stories do have a tone of the dual existences we all live in today's times. We are constantly wearing masks to hide our true self and these masks come off somewhere between these pages. He has successfully managed to capture life in the book  aptly.

An amazing collection, I would strongly recommend to all short story lovers. This is one author I am going to be looking out for!

Foodie Verdict
This book is like Til Laddoo- different both in looks and in taste!

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