Book Review: The Fragile Thread of Hope by Pankaj Giri



Genre: Fiction/Contemporary

Publishers: Amazon

Price: Rs. 60/-  ( I got the book for review from the author)
Behind the Book

Pankaj's characters certainly evoke sympathy and throw light on important social issues. A good read.” Chitra Divakaruni, award-winning bestselling author of The Palace of Illusions.

An epic tale of love, loss, hope and faith that will remain with you long after the final page. With its lovely characters and beautiful prose, it ranks right up there with my favourites.” Renita D'Silva, award-nominated bestselling author of The Forgotten Daughter.

A literary masterpiece!” Keshav Aneel, bestselling author of Promise Me A Million Times.

In the autumn of 2012, destiny wreaks havoc on two unsuspecting people—Soham and Fiona.

Although his devastating past involving his brother still haunted him, Soham had established a promising career for himself in Bangalore.

After a difficult childhood, Fiona's fortunes had finally taken a turn for the better. She had married her beloved, and her life was as perfect as she had ever imagined it to be.

But when tragedy strikes them yet again, their fundamentally fragile lives threaten to fall apart.

Can Fiona and Soham overcome their grief?

Will the overwhelming pain destroy their lives?

Seasoned with the flavours of exotic Nepalese traditions and set in the picturesque Indian hill station, Gangtok, The Fragile Thread of Hope explores the themes of spirituality, faith, alcoholism, love, and guilt while navigating the complex maze of familial relationships.

Inspirational and heart-wrenchingly intimate, it urges you to wonder—does hope stand a chance in this travesty called life?

About the Author

Pankaj Giri was born and brought up in Gangtok, Sikkim—a picturesque hill station in India. He began his writing career in 2015 by co-authoring a book—Friendship Love and Killer Escapades (FLAKE). Learning from experience and the constructive criticism that he got for his first book, he has now written a new novel—The Fragile Thread of Hope, a mainstream literary fiction dealing with love, loss, and family relationships. He is currently working in the government sector in Sikkim. He likes to kill time by listening to progressive metal music and watching cricket.

I have managed to write this review long after reading the book because this was one of those books which left me stunned. It was an emotionally draining read but one that was food for soul in every manner.

Narrated through the POV of the primary characters Fiona and Soham this is a heartwrenching tale of love and loss. The characters are not only beautiful they manage to spring to life in those pages and engulf you in their tale like none other. The language is poetic, it just flows and is such a delightful read that there were lines when I stopped reading just to admire the beauty of a sentence. Sample this:

"She caught the crescent moon hanging like a luminous bracket in the coal-black, starry night.”

The book gives you a glimpse into the deeper sense of understanding of human relationships that the author seems to have gathered and has tried to bring it to life through this story. An absolute page turner it is a story that made me look back at some instances when I had taken some relationships for granted and paid a heavy price for doing so. It is difficult to exactly say what is beautiful about this book because when I call is beautiful, I mean inside out. From the poignant cover and blurb to the lucid narrative, there is a sense of beauty in everything. Even if it talks about broken relationships, trust and family, there is a sense of beauty that reflects through the cracks he tends to display and for that grace in his writing, the author deserves brownie points.The most interesting aspect about the book was the touch of Nepalese culture that the author has managed to sprinkle diligently across the narrative making you travel to Nepal in the blink of an eye. 

Overall, a scintillating debut and strongly recommended for literary lovers, this book is a treat to read!

Foodie Verdict
This book is like Dal Pakwan - Crispy, Crunchy, Spicy and Tangy, all in perfect blend!

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  1. Wow, thank you SO much, Namrata, for such a wonderful, wonderful review from one of the best Indian book reviewers I have seen (I really mean it). Made my day and probably my month too. I'm on cloud nine. I'm so very grateful for your lovely words. Really appreciate it.. :)

    1. Truly touched and honoured. Though I would say you are being too kind with your words :)

      Your book is par excellence and it deserves much more !

      Wishing you all the best with it.


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