Book Review: Corporate Avatars by Disha


ISBN: 9789386348883

Genre: Non-Fiction / Business

Publishers: Jaico Publishing House

Price: Rs. 299/-  ( I got the book for review from the author)
Behind the Book
If you have ever worked in a corporate world, you are likely to have been confounded by some of its more curious characters – the sentimental dame with her sappy reminiscing, the bumbling accountant who can never seem to figure it out on his own and the freshly minted management graduate who is a walking encyclopedia – to name just a few.

Getting along is not always easy. But don’t lose hope just yet. Corporate Avatars tackles the oddities at the workplace in an exhilarating read, giving you just the smart essentials you need to survive such folk and make your way up the ladder.

Spirited and saucy, this undeniably helpful book reveals the quirks of more than 40 colorful personalities you are likely to meet at the workplace. It is the perfect compass with which to navigate the rough seas of the business world./div>
About the Author

Disha is an IIM Calcutta alumnus and has spent over a decade with corporate giants like, and Mentor Graphics. She is currently a senior leader with Amazon India. Besides her corporate career, Disha loves to write and has authored many books.

I quit my career 4 years ago and today it suddenly feels one of the best decisions I could have taken. Though there are times when I miss the thrill that comes with it, the excitement and ofcourse the camaraderie but then I am also reminded of the stress it brought along, not to forget the politics. Sigh! But then whenever I miss my workplace now I know where to go... this book!

This book for me was like a walk down the memory lane. It felt as if I was meeting and interacting with so many ex-colleagues and bosses in those pages. The author has made a list of 40 personalities you are bound to meet at your workplace and she is so accurate that I could actually name those personalities mentioned therein.

I really enjoyed reading this book and meeting all the varied kind of people. The best part about this book has to be the language which is simple and easy going. Given the author's educational qualifications one tends to expect lot of jargons which a common man might have difficulty in interpreting. But here the author has taken utmost care of ensuring that everyone starting from students who one day aspire to have a corporate career to someone who is neck deep in theirs , enjoys this book till the last page.

The author has not only listed 40 types of people with their characteristics and tips on recognizing them but also given us  advice on how to handle them the best. There is rarely an employee who has not felt dejected or let down by the appraisal policies and has questioned themselves "Why me?" This book has those answers. It helped me understand the mindset of bosses well enough to stop feeling guilty about all that happened with me 4 years ago. I so wish I had this book then maybe I could have dealt with them better.

The book is a practical hand book for all who aspires to be a part of corporate world, is a part or was a part of it ever sometime. If nothing it can help you get rid of the ghosts of the pasts in the latter case just like it did for me.

Strongly recommended for its simplicity and to the point accuracy.

Foodie Verdict

This book is like Aflatoon - unique and scrumptious!

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