Book Review : Mighty Raju Series

  • Genre:Children Fiction Cartoon Series
  • Publishers: Red Turtle books ( I got the book for review from the publisher)

Your beloved superhero Mighty Raju is back. Set out on exciting adventures with him and also learn something new with this unique series of sixteen books created keeping young learners in mind.

Parents today face great difficulty in making their children study and/or understand concepts. This series is an amalgamation of learning and fun
for children through their favourite character, Mighty Raju, a four-year-old superhero. These books have topics ranging from colours and shapes, maths lessons to fun-filled adventure stories to learning about festivals of India and much more. The series will encourage them to learn a variety of concepts in an interactive and engaging manner with the right amount of learning, fun and adventure all packed together.

Behind the Book

Me thinks

This series is a collection of informative books with the lead character that of a kid called Mighty Raju who takes us through his adventurous world all the while teaching some thing new every time. The chapters written in lucid English with bright and colourful sketches matching the narrative make it a very enjoyable read.

The titles included in the series are as follows:
  1. Mighty Raju Activity Book
  2. Learn Numbers with Mighty Raju
  3. Math Lessons with Mighty Raju
  4. Learn Alphabets with Mighty Raju
  5. Learn colours with Mighty Raju
  6. Mighty Raju spends a day at the sea
  7. Mighty Raju goes to the zoo
  8. Mighty Raju goes to the mountains
  9. My India with Mighty Raju 
  10. Eating healthy with Mighty Raju
  11. Mighty Raju's Desert Adventure
  12. Mighty Raju's adventure on a train
  13. Mighty Raju at amusement park
  14. Mighty Raju goes into space
  15. Mighty Raju and Indian festivals
  16. Mighty Raju and the Karati Scare
The first five books in the series are exercise books wherein a child is encouraged to trace along the dotted line, fill colours, match the correct pairs , count the given figures and other such activities which will keep a child engrossed for hours productively. In a way this book is learning with fun making a child enjoy reading them as it is entertaining and fun. Kudos to the designing team of the book for bringing alive the scenes so well in the outdoor series especially that of beach, space, train, amusement park, desert etc which thrills a child beyond words. My niece squealed with delight every time I asked her to sit with me to read these books. She had the time of her life colouring the various pictures and drawing them matching dots / numbers.
In today's times when the attention span of children is very short with most of them being hyperactivity thanks to the multiple things they have around them to keep them active these books are a refreshing change. They will not only grab the attention of a child but also help you encourage them in inculcating the habit of reading gradually with these lovely cartoons sharing their experiences in an easy to connect manner. 
What I also admired about this whole series was the superior quality of the pages which was intact throughout. This is one series any child would love to have and any parent would encourage as a gift. Share this with your loved ones and see them smile every time they are told to study!

Foodie Verdict

This book is like triple melon cake - healthy and delectable at the same time!

Source: Cookies, Cupcakes, and Cardio

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