Book Review: Key to My Soul by Probal Mazumdar

  • ISBN: 978-8193324806
  • Genre: Fiction /Romance
  • Publishers: Maple Press
  • Price: Rs.195/-  ( I got the book for review from the author)
"When Siddharth, a lonely young man with a failed marriage gets a sudden phone-call from a mysterious person about his lost childhood lover, Hazel, and learns that she is battling for life, he is shaken to the core. He also learns that she had left certain letters for him fifteen years back that never reached him. It disturbs him so much that he rushes to the hospital in his old hometown. There he discovers an eclipsed past buried in time that is riddled with dangerous surprises, trauma, twists of fate, sacrifices that exemplify true love and the real reasons for the tragic end of their childhood love story. But will Hazel ever open her eyes to see him..."

Behind the Book

About the Author

An IT Manager by profession, Probal writes poetry, short stories and fiction. His poems have been featured in various national and international journals.

He won the FIRST prize in the All India Poetry Competition, 2014, conducted by PSI (Poetry Society of India). Click on

His other poems have risen too from cold storage into literary journals like Indian Literature (Sahitya Akademi), Wasafiri (U.K, Vol. 67), Acumen (U.K), OtherPoetry (U.K), Chandrabhaga Literary Journal (Editor Jayanta Mahapatra), Dhauli Review, amongst others.

When he has nothing else to do, he plays the guitar and sings. He was born and educated in Jamshedpur and completed his engineering from NIT Tiruchirappalli.

The book, “Key To My Soul” is a love story. It is a story of two school bosom friends who get separated only to be reunited many years later when one of them is in the death-bed. It deals with the uncomplicated life of youth, the ever changing curves of parent-child relationships, the life and times during pre-liberalization India in a small town, written around an axis of nostalgia and love...

Me thinks

It has been a long while that I got to read such a refreshing love story. The problem with love stories is that there is not much that you can play around with, the basic plot remains the same cliche. It is the treatment which can set it apart and turn it into a heartwarming tale of love and longing. This book promises to be that.

For a debut author, Probal has done an amazing job in the detailing provided in the story. What narrative! Such wonderful characters who are more than just cardboard cutouts, they seem like an extension of our childhood and youth. I loved the minute details he has liberally sprinkled across the book using the norm of show, don't tell so beautifully. Every scene had the power to take me back to the time when it was actually happening as I grew up with those characters and almost fell in love , just like them. The twists and the turns promises a page turning read to the reader. It is very exciting as the author reveals the whole plot in the end connecting the dots, that is when you exclaim WOW as you realize the magnanimity of his planning.  Kudos to him!

If asked to pick one favourite I wouldn't be able to as each and every scene has touched me in some way or the other. At some places I was moved beyond words and could feel tears stinging my eyes. The characters of Siddharth and Hazel will stay with me for long, because now they seem like some long lost friends.

Strongly recommended to all romance lovers, this is one story that will change the way you look at romantic novels.

Foodie Verdict

This book is like rose basundi - aromatic, tantalising and flavorful.
Source: Giggling Spoons