Friday, November 17, 2017

Guest Post: The Pain of Loss by Pankaj Giri

Have you ever in life encountered an event, an event that pulls the rug from under your feet, threatens to destroy the very foundation of your existence?

I have.

Source: Tiny Buddha

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Book Review: Ravana Leela by Radha Viswanath


ISBN: 978-8129149039

Genre: Fiction / Mythology

Publishers: Rupa Publishing

Price: Rs. 295/-  ( I got the book for review from the publisher)

Monday, November 13, 2017

Book Review: The Buddha of the Brothel by Kris Advaya


ISBN: 978-9386538093

Genre: Non-fiction / Biographies

Publishers: Fingerprint Publishing

Price: Rs. 299/-  ( I got the book for review from the publisher)

Friday, November 10, 2017

Book Review: The Fragile Thread of Hope by Pankaj Giri



Genre: Fiction/Contemporary

Publishers: Amazon

Price: Rs. 60/-  ( I got the book for review from the author)

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Book Review: Blowfish by Siddharth Tripathi


ISBN: 978-9386643315

Genre: Fiction/Contemporary

Publishers: Bloomsbury India

Price: Rs. 399/-  ( I got the book for review from the publisher)

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Book Review : Mad Country by Samrat Upadhyay



ISBN: 978-1616957964

Genre: Fiction /Anthology

Publishers: Rupa Publishing House

Price: Rs. 295/-  ( I got the book for review from the publisher)

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Book Review: ...Because Words Matter by Kailash Satyarthi


ISBN: 9788129148452

Genre: Non-Fiction / Self Help

Publishers: Rupa Publishing House

Price: Rs. 295/-  ( I got the book for review from the publisher)

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Book Review: Corporate Avatars by Disha


ISBN: 9789386348883

Genre: Non-Fiction / Business

Publishers: Jaico Publishing House

Price: Rs. 299/-  ( I got the book for review from the author)

Monday, October 23, 2017

Book Review: The Woman Behind the Waterfall by Leonora Meriel



Genre: Fiction

Publishers: Granite Cloud

Price: Rs. 999/-  ( I got the book for review from b00k r3vi3ws)

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Book Review: Ewan Pendle and the White Wraith by Shaun Hume


ISBN:  978-1492242802

Genre:Fantasy Fiction

Publishers: CreateSpace

Kindle Price: Rs. 49/-  ( I got the book for review from the author)

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October Reads

Phew! What a month September has been... with 14 book reviews and other bookish musings the whole month flew by amidst words and their imagery. With the festivities round the corner and some travel plans in store I have decided to take it a little bit light this month and hence have reduced the number of reviews for the month. Oh....I am sure you are curious what's in store for this month and without much ado, here's what I am devouring.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Monday, September 25, 2017

Book Review: The Elephant Chaser's Daughter by Shilpa Raj


ISBN: 978-8129147691

Genre: Non-Fiction/ Memoir

Publishers: Rupa Publications

Price: Rs. 295/-  ( I got the book for review from the publisher)

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Book Review: Charlatans by Robin Cook


ISBN: 978-0735212480

Genre: Fiction / Thriller / Medical

Publishers: Pan Macmillan India

Price: Rs. 599/-  ( I got an ARC from the publisher)

Monday, September 18, 2017

Book Review: Invisible Ties by Nadya A R


ISBN: 978-8129147974

Genre: Fiction

Publishers: Rupa Publications

Price: Rs. 250/-  ( I got the book for review from the publisher)

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Book Review: Rebound by Sanil Sachar


ISBN: 978-8129148438

Genre: Fiction

Publishers: Rupa Publications

Price: Rs. 200/-  ( I got the book for review from the publisher)

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Trip With me

I am sure there is nobody who hates travelling. But recently I came across a guy who gave me serious travel goals. Now it is one thing to keep wishing and sighing looking at the various road trips people take and another thing to actually experience one. So, this man went on a 30 days trip travelling across India from tip to top recording his experiences with the people he met on the way.

Just the idea itself sounds so thrilling on paper but it is much more than just that. So much hard work, meticulous planning, unplanned roadblocks, language barriers, extreme weather climates and all that can be considered a road block is also a part of this trip. But as they say, all's well that ends well. The trip is a lesson waiting to be learnt for all of us in the form of these videos. 

Monday, September 11, 2017

Book Review: Navigating India- $18 Trillion Opportunity by Bharat Joshi


ISBN: 978-8129147547

Genre: Non-Fiction / India / Business / Economics

Publishers: Rupa Publications

Price: Rs. 294/-  ( I got the book for review from the author)

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Friday, September 08, 2017

Book Review: The Black Tiger by Srijan Pal Singh


ISBN: 978-817-599-4744

Genre: Non-Fiction / India / Economies

Publishers: FingerPrint Publishing

Price: Rs. 250/-  ( I got the book for review from the publisher)

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Cover Reveal :A Column of Fire by Ken Follett

Are you a Ken Follett fan? Well I am! And I am thrilled to know that his next book, a long awaited sequel to The Pillars of the Earth and World Without End, aptly titled "A Column of Fire" is finally going to release on 12th September. 

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Bookish Love: 5 books that defined my childhood

I was introduced to reading by my mother at the age of four. She always used to tell me that I was a hyperactive kid and she felt books would be a safe option to keep me occupied all day. In doing that she not only passed on her love for books but also ensured I was addicted for life.

Monday, September 04, 2017

Book Review: Awaken by Ashok Banker

  • ISBN: 9781509882557
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Publishers: Pan Macmillan India
  • Price: Rs. 299/-  ( I got the book for review from the publisher)
"The Haters are coming to destroy all life on Earth. It is not a question of if, but when.

The Brahmaand has already rung the warning bell and the awakening of the Preservers has begun. Kiara unexpectedly finds her skin covered with golden fur and her sense of smell extraordinarily enhanced; Saumya is suddenly able to go from Ahmedabad to New York in just a step; and Sia’s songs have the power to do things she had never imagined possible.

First in the thrilling Shakti Trilogy set in contemporary India, Ashok Banker’s action-packed and brilliantly imagined Awaken introduces our unlikely heroes who must discover and harness their superpowers before they can protect and preserve the Earth from the wrath of a menacing alien invasion."

Behind the Book


Thursday, August 31, 2017

September Reads

New look, new month, new beginnings!Life of a book reviewer is always full of excitement. Starting from what to read next to what happens next in that book - the thrill is never ending. So, I thought of sharing that excitement with you as well. 

Sharing a glimpse of some of the beautiful reads that adorn my shelf this month:

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Book Review: Another's Child by Einat Danon

  • ISBN:  978-1545558089
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Publishers: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Price (Kindle Version): $3.99/-  ( I got the book for review from the b00k r3vi3ws)
One morning, Yael and Arik Katz are startled by a surprise inheritance: Noa, the ten-year-old daughter of Canadian friends with whom they had made a long-forgotten will-exchange agreement, is delivered to their doorstep with no warning. Why did her parents decide that she should grow up with acquaintances rather than family? How do you raise a girl you do not even know?

Secrets and lies are revealed and everything starts to get complicated

Noa does not find her place in Israel. Yael takes her back to Toronto to look for a more suitable adoptive home. The search reveals answers to questions that have not even been asked about parenthood, marital relations, love, one’s home, and the fragility of life.

Can life ever be the same again?

As Yael delves into Noa’s past to better understand her, she discovers some unflattering things about her own partner and that the connection between her family and Noa is deeper than it had seemed. These shocking revelations leave Yael with a serious dilemma about her own family relationships.

Behind the Book

Friday, August 25, 2017

Book Review:Canvas of a Mind by Purba Chakraborty

  • ISBN: 9789386487223
  • Genre: Fiction/Thriller / Mystery
  • Publishers:
  • Price (Kindle Version): Rs. 165/-  ( I got the book for review from the author)
What lies within?Akashi lives with her younger sister, Ipsha in Kalimpong, a remote hill station. Their tranquil life turns upside down with the arrival of a stranger in the town, who stalks Ipsha desperately. He tries to lure her by sending love notes and playing a haunting tune on his harmonica, without revealing his identity and showing his face. As Ipsha gets bewitched by him, Akashi tries to protect her from the creepy stalker. She tries to solve the mystery of the stranger and gets shocked by certain revelations.

Meanwhile, she realizes that her sister has been deceiving her at every turn of the road.Why is Ipsha deceiving Akashi? And, what does the stranger exactly want from the two sisters? Will Akashi be able to save her sister from the darkness she is walking into? Or will she be shattered, knowing certain things about her sister that she had no idea about?Taut with suspense, "Canvas of a Mind" will take you on a riveting ride. Are you eager to know what lies within?

Behind the Book


Thursday, August 24, 2017

Book Review: The Light Between the Shadows by Tsukiko Spark

  • ISBN: 9781547161669
  • Genre: Fiction/Erotica/ Suspense
  • Publishers: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
  • Price : Rs. 957/-  ( I got the book for review from b00k r3vi3ws)
Ben Brattler lives the good life at the top of the world!Ben Brattler, 29, is a handsome athlete who regularly practices Aikido (Japanese martial art). He lives the good life: lavish parties, fancy restaurants, and a dream job in his father's advertising company. The world is his oyster; nobody can resist him. Beautiful women fall at his feet, and he switches them and his personal assistants constantly.

But somebody close to him has had enough of his wild behavior...Just when Ben is scrambling to finish a work project so he can leave for a lengthy vacation, someone close to him decides to make a profound change in his behavior using a dubious, non-conventional therapeutic process. Ben wakes up in a strange place with his mind foggy, hands bound behind his back, legs cuffed, eyes blind-folded, and wearing only his Aikido pants.

Who could have done this to him?Ben goes crazy trying to figure out how he could have ended up this way. Who did this? His good friend, Fred, who wants him to learn to start making better choices? His father finally trying to discipline him? His mythical ex-girlfriend, Tina, who wants to rekindle their relationship? Somebody more sinister with ulterior motives?

Behind the Book


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Cover Reveal: Awaken by Ashok Banker

Ashok Banker is considered one of the finest authors in India who has been credited as the pioneer of Indian Crime fiction in English. His latest book Awaken is a trilogy in fantasy genre with a girl as superhero. Set in India the story looks very promising. Releasing on 1st September, here's a sneak peek into what's in store!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Book Review: Roller Coaster in Tehran by Y. I. LATZ

  • ASIN: B0748DNV6B
  • Genre: Fiction/ Thriller
  • Publishers: Amazon
  • Price (Kindle Edition): Rs. 75/-  ( I got the book for review from b00k r3vi3ws)
Imagine being sent to spy on your country’s worst enemy!

Dr. Amalia Tavori is a mother of three and an expert rollercoaster engineer with a short fuse and an insatiable appetite for adventure. She is forced to join the Israeli Mossad to save her husband from economic collapse. Amalia is sent under false identity to Tehran, the capital of Israel’s worst enemy, to help the Iranians build a grandiose amusement park.
Every day could be Amalia’s last!

Roller Coaster in Tehran reveals an intimate picture of the exceedingly dangerous daily life of an Israeli spy in Tehran. Amalia knows no boundaries and has no shame. She fools both her enemies and her operators from the Mossad, working out of her own deep inner convictions.
Can Amalia complete her mission without losing her life?

When a grave disaster befalls her family in Israel, it becomes even more difficult for her to perform her secret mission. This book redefines the concepts of loyalty, betrayal, enemies, and compassion. The image of an ordinary woman emerges – one who yearns for true love but who has been forced to become larger than life itself. She is prepared to sacrifice herself for her country, but not to sacrifice her life for an existence without love.

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Monday, August 21, 2017

Book Review: On India by Khushwant Singh

  • ISBN: 978-812-914-8469
  • Genre: Non-Fiction
  • Publishers: Rupa Publications
  • Price: Rs. 195/-  ( I got the book for review from the publisher)

Khushwant Singh was convinced that India is a great country. He believed that we are the world’s largest democracy and our people, including women, enjoy a measure of political freedom unknown to any other developing country of the world.

On India is a selection of Singh’s best writings on the country. The selection of articles in this book spans a wide range of topics: The four metropolises, including the seven reasons why Khushwant Singh loves Delhi, recollections of the Partition, the seasons, holy men, etiquette, rise of the far Right and corruption, among others. The book ends on a happy note with some of the author's favourite jokes.

Khushwant Singh’s on India will help us understand India better.

Behind the Book


Monday, August 14, 2017

Book Review: I Quit! Now What? by Zarreen Khan

  • ISBN: 978-93-8150-6974
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Publishers: Amaryllis
  • Price: Rs. 350/-  ( I got the book for review from the publisher)

Nimisha is exhausted. Of endless weekdays, working weekends, making presentations, working with complicated Excel sheets, handling a boss with time-management issues and the general politics of the workplace. Sigh! After eight years of this life, her only personal insight is that she's terribly unambitious and constantly struggling to be an average performer in the competitive corporate world.

When a colleague flashes the glint of a golden sabbatical she catapults into it headfirst. After all, one has to find one's calling at some point in one's life.

So will the sabbatical miraculously change her life forever? Or will she go rushing back to her pocket money-generating job?

Behind the Book


Saturday, August 12, 2017

Book Review: Yama’s Lieutenant and the Stone Witch by Anuja Chandramouli

  • ISBN: 9780143428503
  • Genre: Fiction / Mythology
  • Publishers: Penguin Random House
  • Price: Rs. 299/-  ( I got the book for review from the author)
As Yama's Lieutenant, Agni Prakash, has diligently been tracking down demons and spirits that threaten peace on earth and dispatching them to his lord's thousand hells. Danger is a constant in his job, but this time an apocalypse threatens his entire world. Agni must go up against a terrifying sorceress-adept in the ancient art of stone magic-and her bestial army of demoniacal creatures who used to be humans before they were transformed into willing killing machines. The witch has a nightmarish vision for a new world that involves large scale culling of the humans-and it falls to Agni to stop her.

He must find the Samayakalas, the mysterious keepers of time and reset the clock before all life is destroyed. However, any contact with the Samayakalas is forbidden to mortal and immortal alike and those who flout the ancient decree risk incurring punishment far worse than death. The price asked of him is an impossible one, but Yama's Lieutenant does not have a choice. Enlisting the help of old friends, he must submit to being borne across an ocean of death and destruction to find the Samayakalas before darkness engulfs them all.  

Behind the Book


Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Book Review: White Noise by Shruti Upadhaya

  • ISBN: 978-9380925615
  • Genre: Fiction / Thriller
  • Publishers: Bee Books
  • Price: Rs. 150/-  ( I got the book for review from the publisher)
“There is another city right under our city and it comes up only when you and I are together. Only you and I know about it and only you and I get to experience it. It keeps itself hidden from the rest of the world. And that is where I live.” He said

“And what happens when you’re not with me?” She asked.

“I evaporate.” He smiled.

"Laced with the unimaginable and yet the possible, White Noise makes for a compelling read." - SUHEL SETH

Behind the Book

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Book Review: The Double-X Factor - 99 Stories of Incredible Women from India by Pratap Nair

  • ISBN: 9788184959932
  • Genre: Non-fiction / Inspirational
  • Publishers: Jaico Publishing House
  • Price: Rs. 350/-  ( I got the book for review from the publisher)
99 stories of incredible women from India.

Featuring Zia Mody, Chanda Kochhar, Mary Kom, Neerja Bhanot, Anita Dongre and others

99 daughters of India who dared to be different

From Rani Lakshmibai and Indira Gandhi to Chanda Kocchar and Mary Kom, The Double-X Factor explores the lives and times of 99 exceptional achievers who challenged the gender barrier and rose to fame.

Indian history is replete with instances of women’s valour, fortitude, courage, self-sacrifice and leadership in times of crisis. Some of them have turned into folklore and many of them have been immortalized in movies. Most of all, these women have left a great and indelible impact on several generations. Be it politics, arts, entertainment, sports or business, they carved a niche in every sphere that was once considered a male domain. Today, they have become role models to a nation of 1.34 billion, of which almost half is female.

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Monday, July 31, 2017

Book Review: Mauj-e-Saraab (Waves of Illusion) by Minu Bakshi

  • ISBN: 978-8129145604
  • Genre: Poetry / Urdu
  • Publishers: Rupa Publishing
  • Price: Rs. 299/-  ( I got the book for review from the publisher)
Poetry is not merely a play of words but a serious spiritual exercise whose very being is pledged to the comprehension of the self and the universe. Good poetry is not possible in the absence of the flame of love because it is this light that tears apart the mist of obscurity surrounding the secrets of the universe. Shorn of the mist, the details become vibrant and the poet becomes aware of the enigma of reality.

Tishnagi: The Thirst, Minu’s first book, garnered her unstinting praise from connoisseurs of Urdu poetry and hardened critics as well.Mauj-e-Saraab (Waves of Illusion), her second book of Urdu ghazals, is a manifestation of the various hues of the pageant of love and passion. It is the figurative expression of the tableaux of worldly spectacles that according to her is nothing but waves of illusion, while the reality is far beyond the purview of the physical eye. Mauj-e-Saraab includes transliterations in Urdu, Hindi and English with translation of the ghazals in English by Nyla Daud.

Minu Bakshi’s poetry from Tishnagi to Mauj-e-Saraab is a saga of love. It is the expression of her journey, from the body to the soul. Hence, it displays the hues of material love and passion along with true lofty love. Thus, she should neither be taken merely as a painter of human relationships, nor simply as an illustrator of spiritualistic values. Instead she should be taken as a translator of both notions.

Behind the Book


Sunday, July 30, 2017

Book Review: The Third Squad by V. Sanjay Kumar

  • ISBN: 9789386228314
  • Genre: Crime, Thriller & Mystery
  • Publishers: Juggernaut
  • Price: Rs. 499/-  ( I got the book for review from the publisher)
"Kumar evokes [Mumbai] with lyrical prose." -- Publishers Weekly

Included in Publishers Weekly's Crime Fiction feature on police corruption and brutality.

"A melancholy cop's obsessions are just the tip of the iceberg as he leads a two-fisted team determined to clean up Mumbai's mean streets...Kumar's style, blunt but often by turns poetic and droll, is arresting...As unusual as it is compelling, this entry lays the groundwork for an entertaining series." -- Kirkus Reviews

"[A] gripping thriller...Kumar has created some thoroughly intriguing characters...but the most fascinating of Kumar’s characters is Mumbai itself--enormous, crowded, hyperactive, roiling, stunningly rich and grindingly poor, and teeming with almost unfathomable energy. International-crime fans should flock to this one." -- Booklist

"The Third Squad enveloped me in Mumbai, in its strangeness even to people who call it home. Each of the many odd but totally real characters who populate this book shines a light on the city and on one another. It's a page-turner, but as I got closer to the end I slowed down because I didn't want to have to leave this world." --S.J. Rozan, author (as Sam Cabot) of Skin of the Wolf

"Against a backdrop of debilitating poverty, ancient religion, staggering wealth, and corruption, Mumbai comes alive in The Third Squad as the perfect storm for twenty-first-century noir. Driving this absolutely compelling tale is Karan, a police sharpshooter who is essentially a trained assassin. Initially distanced from his own actions by both Asperger's syndrome and Old World devotion to authority, he's ultimately forced to reconcile personal morality with obedience in a grim new age of blind opportunism." --Tim McLoughlin, author of Heart of the Old Country

The Third Squad is an arresting, ripped-from-the-headlines noir novel that deftly explores how in recent decades, to ostensibly combat the rising tide of criminality in Mumbai's underworld, the Indian Police Service has carried out many hundreds of extrajudicial assassinations of suspected criminals. Karan, an expert sharpshooter in an elite branch of the Indian police dispensed with dishing out this peculiar blend of vigilante justice, has a difficult choice to make: should he continue to blindly follow orders from his superiors, regardless of their moral standing, or should he take matters into his own hands and do what he believes to be right?

Belonging to a hit squad whose members all fall somewhere along the autism spectrum, Karan, who has been diagnosed with mild Asperger's syndrome, is notorious for his ruthless precision and efficiency in carrying out these assassinations, yet he remains aloof and distant. Gradually, his impenetrable façade begins to crack, and Karan's emotional and psychological depth reveals itself as he is forced to make decisions where the stakes are literally life-and-death. Also at play is the looming specter of the city of Mumbai itself, seemingly at the cusp of a neoliberal era of enlightenment and progress, yet still trapped under the ineluctable burden of old Bombay history, which can never quite be forgotten or suppressed.

Dark and gritty, raw and fast-paced, and never sentimental, The Third Squad distills the best aspects of classic American noir writing into a uniquely Indian context, revealing V. Sanjay Kumar as a singular talent on the crime fiction circuit.

Behind the Book


Saturday, July 29, 2017

Book Review: Operation Jinnah by Shiv Aroor

  • ISBN: 9789386228260
  • Genre: Thriller / Espionage 
  • Publishers: Juggernaut 
  • Price: Rs. 299/-  ( I got the book for review from the publisher)
A girl is kidnapped by Pakistani terrorists in Pahalgam, Kashmir. But this is no ordinary girl And her kidnapper is no ordinary man.In Delhi, Admiral Nirbhay Rana, India’s most strong-willed naval officer, watches as the consequences of a lethal operation from his past crash into the present, holding both his daughter and his country hostage. In New York, as the Indian prime minister plays a delicate game of politics with Pakistan’s prime minister and the US president, Admiral Rana must assemble the only team he trusts to get his daughter back – the very same group of commandos he had led into the heart of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir years ago. Will they make it back alive this time?

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