Book Review: The Saga of Black Gold by Anuradha

  • ISBN: 9788184959444
  • Genre: Fiction / Literature/ Historic fiction
  • Publishers: Jaico Books
  • Price: Rs.399/-  ( I got the book for review from the publisher)
The Portuguese captain anchored his fleet near the Calicut port. He fixed his piercing gaze on the shore and stood still. This time, Vasco da Gama made up his mind to take the treasures of the Malabar Coast back with him at any cost. His priority, pepper the Black Gold! Across the sea, the Zamorin of Calicut began to panic. He knew Gamas return meant trouble. Calicuts relationship with the neighbouring kingdoms isnt exactly cosy, thanks to Zamorins exacting trade policy. A failure at this point is not an option and that too, to a foreigner! To add to his worries, theres a spy roaming free in his own turf, plotting revenge. In the center of all this melee is the Zamorins pretty niece, Kunjulakshmi, harbouring her own little secret that could crumble the kingdom and start a war of doom on the coast.

Behind the Book
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About the Author
Filled with familiar milestones from history, Anuradha's splendid novel is accompanied by illustrations from the celebrated Artist Namboodiri. Anuradha is the pen name of Radha Narayana Menon, an eminent writer from Kochi, Kerala. She has published two short story collections and ten novels in Malayalam. The Saga of Black

Me thinks

After a long time I have read a historical fiction I have thoroughly enjoyed till the last page. The sketches along with the mesmerizing story make such an impressive read that long after reading I was still reeling in it. Author Anuradha's writing style is strong and impressive, her prowess on the language is strong enough to take the reader along with her on this whirlwind tour called The saga of black gold. 

If you have ever enjoyed history this is one story that you are going to love. Whenever I read such books I feel proud of having lived in a country which has such amazing history full of stories and folklore. This story is immensely powerful and captivating even through its crisp blurb. Add to it , the detailed descriptions by the author I felt I had gone back in time. The scenes came alive in those pages, so much that after a point I didn't feel I am reading a book, it felt like a movie which was thoroughly enjoyable.Vasco-de-Gama is such a well known character in the history of India that reading a story revolving around him was like going back to school and feeling like a student who was eager to know what happened next.

Overall, a wonderfully written book I would recommended to one all for its sheer beauty in the sketches and the strong, captivating narration.

Foodie Verdict

This book is like Falsa juice - unique and delicious till the last drop.
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