Book Review: Crooked Minds by Kiran Karnik

  • ISBN: 9788129144522
  • Genre: Non-fiction 
  • Publishers: Rupa 
  • Price: Rs.395/-  ( I got the book for review from the publisher)
Innovation is now a key goal for organizations and governments, a sure recipe for growth, success and often, survival. But what is innovation? Is it the same as improvisation? And how does jugaad fit into the definition of innovation? Innovation ranges from invention based on cutting-edge technological research to the makeshift jugaad vehicle; from new products to improvisations in music. It has different facets, depending upon one’s perspective, rather like the fable of the five blind men and the elephant, each of whom draws his own conclusion depending upon the part of the elephant he touches. This book looks at the idea of innovation, its relevance for companies in today’s day and age, whether innovation leads to concrete benefits or not and why it is necessary for organizations, governments and even individuals to constantly innovate.

Behind the Book
About the Author

Kiran Karnik describes himself as a 'public un-intellectual', a non-academic with a strong interest in public policy and strategy. His last job was as President of NASSCOMM, the association of India's IT industry. Now, he spends most of his time with educational and civil-society organizations. His career also includes over two decades in India's space programme, followed by a decade in 'meaningful' TV (educational TV and Discovery Channel).

Over the last few decades, he has served on many key and high-level government committees. These include the Scientific Advisory Council to the Prime Minister and the National Innovation Council. He writes regularly for various publications.

Me thinks

Author Kiran Karnik is a man reckoned with strong ideas and intellectual proposals for the upliftment of the nation at large. If like me you have managed to read any of his write ups you will understand how in an easy to understand language he deciphers the most difficult economic terms and lays out the plan that can be worked in favour of the current situation. I have always held him in very high regards and hence having the opportunity to review his book was something I could not have missed.

Though we all know innovation is the need of the hour it is hardly a handful who understand how to do it and this book promises to be the answer for it all. In this book the author has tried explaining what all it takes to be inventive and innovative. Talking about various companies like Uber and other similar set ups which at one point of time were struggling start ups and are now successful brands, he gives us examples about how they constantly kept innovating at every single stage of their growth so as to achieve what they have been able to achieve today. Innovation is not only restricted to the product or ideas, at times it is also about innovating a particular department like packaging, marketing, promotion or simply service but these innovations also have a very important role to play in the overall growth of the organisation.

This book speaks about the challenges faced by organisations and how sometimes thinking out of the box leads to solutions while the obvious tends to become oblivious in such scenarios. Ofcourse there is also a flipside to it where one needs to be particular in the shortfalls and the other cons such ideas could bring along the author talks about addressing them as well through various chapters. I liked the way the author has segregated the book into different chapters covering a varied range of topics and made it easier for a reader to understand the crux of the matter.

Strongly recommended for students, budding entrepreneurs and aspiring learners forever in school of life like me!

Foodie Verdict

This book is like Jelly Cheesecake - Crispy, different and unique!

Source: Taste

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