Book Review : Figmented Reality by Zuko

  • ISIN:  9789352016167
  • Genre: Fiction / Drama
  • Publishers: Leadstart
  • Price: Rs. 150/- (I got this book from the publisher for a review)
Addiction blurs our hold on reality; people say. But what if addiction becomes our reality? Siddharth had a fair few addictions in his wake. The challenge now was to differentiate between the ideal world and the real world. Will Siddharth be able to overcome his addictions and find true love. Or is it just another addiction? This book is not a biography of the author but is written in a way that author is the protagonist.
Behind the book

Me thinks

This book's blurb talks about addiction and overcoming it - to be honest that is what made me want to read it. It is a different subject and something that is not commonly written about. 

The book deals with multiple themes addiction being the primary one. The others are childhood trauma, abuse, complexities of relationships and life in bigger cities. Though to begin with it felt the author had it all going good it all fizzled out somewhere in the later portions. The ending was hugely disappointing as it took me a while to understand what just happened. Honestly that can be attributed to two things - either the author had written it so well and in complex words that I couldn't grasp it or it was very unclear and not explained well enough to understand it. Either ways the point is, the ending was supposed to catch me unawares which it did but somehow it didn't suit the whole flow of the book. It looked more like a forced ending given to end the book on a high.

Added to it the book is full of editing errors which makes reading very uncomfortable. It is not a pleasant experience as you try to get used to a flow and then are stuck on one word which is mis-spelt or grammatically incorrect trying to understand the correct meaning of it for a moment before proceeding ahead. 

Though I must accolade the author for daring to try something so different and he was successful to an extent in execution except perhaps where he tried to make it bigger than what it already seemed on paper and that is where the plot got lost. However, the book still holds promise as it talks very deeply about addiction and how it impacts the lives of not only the addicts but also the ones around it and the speeches used in the book are really very powerful.
A decent one time read, I would recommend it if you are keen on trying something new. 

Foodie Verdict

This book is like Pindi Chole - spicy, tangy and different from the usual chole.