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Having been a part of this publishing industry for a while, both as an author and an editor I have had many good and not so good experiences. Though I have rarely highlighted most of them here, some did make their space here as they needed to be heard. Sharing one more such experience with you.

As a part of the industry I do keep exploring various options available for getting published. You can call it research or more of trying to understand the market trends.Though I don't wish to name this particular publisher, all I can say is it is the self publishing arm of a very reputed traditional publisher. I inquired on website and did get a call from them almost after more than 7 months of inquiry. We discussed some options and as is the norm I was suggested their highest package. We mutually decided to get in touch with on Monday as we were talking on a Friday afternoon.  Somehow the call never came on Monday at the decided time and I also conveniently forgot about it till next week when on a Monday afternoon I was busy at my doctor's for the whole day undergoing routine monthly tests. As is the need of a hospital my phone was turned on silent mode. Apparently this wonderful soft spoken lady who spoke to me 2 weeks ago tried reaching me in that meanwhile for about 4-5 times and was not successful. Here, I am reproducing her email verbatim for you to understand and decipher.

Good day!

I tried calling you several times already but you are not picking up my calls. You should have at least informed me what is the main reason why you are not picking up my calls anymore or if you are not interested to pursue your publication rather than KEEPING ME IN THE DARK. I have already tried my best to help you become an INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHED AUTHOR by giving you this ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY. Already made you my priority by taking time to call you over and over again despite the thousands of authors that I am catering because I believed in YOU and your BOOK’s potential, but there was no response. Now that you are not picking up my calls anymore I am assuming you are already DROPPING THIS BOOK PROJECT.

Deep in my heart, I am still hoping that you would have the courage to continue what you have started. Whatever your decision is, I will respect it. But I am still hoping you would take time to enlighten me with your DECISION, for you and me to have the PEACE OF MIND AND THE CLOSURE.

Hope everything works well for you.

Yes those words were in caps and that was the actual language used in the email sent to me that night after I was unable to answer their calls. A lot of flaws and a bunch of lies there but yes the most important thing was the tone of the email. it felt as if  owe them an explanation despite it being just another cold call to a prospective client who had expressed interest.

I think at times we tend to overlook a lot of things with only the sole aim of getting published in our mind. I shudder to think what if I had chosen to go ahead with them and they had not lived upto their tall claims and promises. Perhaps I would have told in a not so decent language that it is my fault and not theirs as their email has this as a disclaimer: 

Book sales are dependent on any number of factors including the quality of the book, the author’s ability and motivation to reach audiences, and reader interest in a particular topic. While we provide information and services to give authors the opportunity to build a platform, we do not guarantee book sales.

Leaving you with those words, I am very keen to know what you think of all this.


  1. So sad, and so true. This was ridiculous, but publishing industry is just like this!

  2. I have also faced similar things. There are many publishers who just don't respect the authors. It's really a very sad state :(
    I am glad you did not go ahead with them. You are a wonderful writer and you know that. Wish you all the best for your writing projects. I am sharing this.


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