Book Review: 7 To The Other Side by Roma Dutia

  • ISIN: 978-8193255315
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Price: Rs. 250/- (I got this book from the author for a review)
What if you had 7 minutes to relive your life? What would you like to see? 23 year old Joshua White wakes up in a hospital bed, unaware of how he got there in the first place. All of a sudden, he sees events from his life being played out right from the time he first attended school with his best friend, George to the birth of his younger brother, Ethan, who looked up to him. He goes through the trauma of losing a dear one and the ecstasy of personal success. He is reminded of a trip to India that changes his life, and the presence of Ayesha- a girl he is romantically linked with. But does he get to pursue his ambition? Is Ayesha really the girl he yearns for? Does his friendship with George stand the test of time? Through these visions Joshua realizes what he meant to others and how they in turn changed his life. But can he change thing or has fate already sealed his destiny? To know more, read the engrossing book, 7 TO THE OTHER SIDE!

Behind the book


About the author  

Roma Dutia completed her Masters in Public Relations from the University of Mumbai in 2015 with the best thesis of the year. She had completed Bachelors of Mass Media with a distinction in the specialization of Advertising in 2013. She is currently completely devoting her time to her dream of becoming a successful author.

She has been a successful professional Table Tennis player with a career best of being India No. 2, Maharashtra No. 1 thrice, and Mumbai No. 1, 8 times. She also achieved literary awards in school for various debates, extempore, story telling. 

Me thinks

Based on a very unique concept this book's blurb is definitely catchy. The story revolves around the life of Joshua White who is about to die. The story is in flash back as it builds up the events leading to this moment. 

I will first start with what works for me - The overall plot is very strong and well conceived. It is promising and has lot of potential to make it an engrossing read. I also like the three main characters they come across as someone you could know in real life and hence are largely connectable. The cover is also one that makes you curious and the sucker that I am for happy endings I was hoping it to be one too.

I like the writing style of the author, for a debut novel her thought process looks unique as it is refreshingly different from the usual campus love stories every other debut author wants to write about. This very fact makes her stand out among all her other contemporaries.

What doesn't work - To start with the reason of the title is not conveyed clearly till you read about it. Maybe emphasizing more on it would have made it a bit more engrossing for a reader. Moving onto the story , it has a lot of typos and grammatical errors. Another round of editing would have helped in largely I believe. Something as crucial as the main character's mother's name being wrongly printed thrice in the whole book gives an idea about the lapses. I also have an issue with the typesetting. As the uneven spacing and font colours at times hurt your eyes when you try to read it at a stretch. 

This book is a one time read purely for her ability to weave a heart  warming story around death.

Foodie Verdict

This book is like  Dal Khicdi - a comfort food (read)



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