Book Review: Kanhu & Other Stories Translated by Saroj Mishra

  • ISIN: 978-9383562800
  • Genre:Fiction
  • Publishers:Platinum Press
  • Price: Rs. 99/- (I got this book from the publisher for a review)
"This book contains eleven short stories in Odiya translated into English. The original authors are all well-known writers, some of them winners of the Kendriya Sahitya Akademi awards and others honoured with several state-level awards. The stories in this anthology reflect the rich and divergent cultural heritage of Odisha and the current thinking in Odiya society - varying from focus on the plight of the underprivileged to the struggles of different sections of society in dealing with moral dilemmas. The stories have been selected carefully to promote the Odiya language, with its colourful idiom, the heritage and the social ambience of Odisha, to a wider audience so that the readers can learn about its rich literature and the glorious history of Odisha. "

Behind the book

About the author  (In her own words)

I took up this exercise of translating into English short stories written by popular authors in Odiya, so as to bring them to a wider sphere, where it could be read by those who love stories. These stories depict the lifestyle and culture of people native to the great state of Odisha. I hope this will be appreciated by readers. This book is dedicated to my mother, Smt. Urbashi Mishra, who taught me moral values and love of humanity.

Me thinks

Simple and elegant - is how this book can be described perfectly! This book reminds you of Malgudi Days for the lucid story telling both the books display so effectively. I personally believe that our culture is so vast with so many languages and to imagine the number of stories in them is a huge task for the story lover in me. I am sure even as we speak right now there would be so many stories being missed out in one or the other local language of our country.

I was thrilled beyond words to receive this book for review for it meant a chance to bask in the magic of the good old times. It was reliving my childhood as I waited the whole week for Malgudi Days to come on TV even finishing my homework in advance to ensure my TV watching is undisturbed. That is how I read this book too.Without any interruptions, basking in its magic with a huge smile on my face.

I would recommend this book to every body including children for it would help them know what beautiful stories are hidden within our vast culture waiting to be found by them. This book will take any reader into the imaginary world of stories, one that is so enchanted that you wouldn't want to leave it at all.

Recommended read on a lazy Sunday to take a walk down the memory lane! 

Foodie Verdict

This book is like Milagai Podi - call it by any name - gun powder, kharap podi or milagai podi it smells of childhood and tastes of love that grandparents are made up of.



  1. nice review... i took experienced the nativity when i read the stories...


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