Book Review: The Heart Listens to No One: it hums its own song by Purba Chakraborty

  • Genre: Poetry Book / Anthology/ Romance
  • Publishers:Amazon
  • Price: Rs. 68/- 
A collection of 35 love poems on Unconditional love, Longing, Romance, Fond reminisces and Separation.

The heart listens to no one. It hums its own song. This is primarily the reason why love and music are so much interrelated. When a person falls in love, his heart becomes an orchestra of emotions which churns out a beautiful song, audible only to the heart of his lover.

There are different kinds of love stories, but one thing is same in all of them. In every love story, there is a melody. It might be sweet or passionate. It can also be transcending or heart wrenching.

In this book, you will be able to taste 35 distinct flavors of love. Delve in the verses, catch a glimpse of the 35 love stories unfolding before you and hear the melody they produce.

The heart listens to no one because it is governed by love. Then, why try to control it? Let it produce its own melody. Let it hum its own song..

Behind the book

About the author

Purba Chakraborty is born to a Bengali family in Kolkata on 17th June, 1990. She is a content developer/writer by profession, author by passion and a blogger by choice. She has authored two books ‘WALKING IN THE STREETS OF LOVE AND DESTINY’(2012) and "THE HIDDEN LETTERS..."(2014. Many of her short stories and poems have been published in magazines and anthologies namely "Stories for your valentine" and "Fusion-A mingled flavour mocktail". She is currently working on her next manuscript.  You can read more of her writings through her blog:

Me thinks

Having read Purba's previous works it didn't come as a surprise to me when she launched her collection of poems revolving around the theme of love. She has always presented that one emotion so beautifully in multiple ways across her writings. Like a true Gemini-an she knows the knack of saying I love you in a thousand ways without it sounding repetitive. 

35 poems ranging from love, longing, separation and fond memories warm your heart and remind you of someone you have always held close to your heart. These poems are very poignant and soul stirring. In a way the poetess has bared her heart and soul in her words. Some of them are so moving that they are bound to move you and leave you teary eyed. Her words have a certain innocence, one that you would tend to associate with love. And that is the beauty of this poetry collection. 

Though I loved each and every poem in this collection what I didn't like was the cover. It was too loud and complete opposite to the content inside which was soothing. Having said that it doesnt take away the beauty of her work. This poetry collection deserves not only to be read but also gifted to people whom you want to express your feelings but are wondering how to. This makes for an excellent read in every possible manner! Choosing a favourite from this gem of a collection would be unfair to the beauties this book holds within. For me each one is priceless and unique.

Strongly recommended for all poetry and romance lovers!

Foodie Verdict

This book is like Panki - perfectly delicate not only in looks but also in taste, melts in your mouth and you cannot help but keep asking for more!



  1. Thank you so much Namrata for the wonderful and detailed review. Your opinion on the book means a lot to me. I was eagerly waiting for your review. I am so glad that you loved the poems dear. And I loved the foodie verdict :) :D


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