Book Review : Principally Yours by Bubloo Sen

  • ISIN: 978-9384439644
  • Genre: Biography
  • Publishers: Authors Upfront Publishing
  • Price: Rs. 295/- (I got this book from the Read Out Loud for a review)
At thirty-five, she was a good wife and good mother. She had it all - a loving husband and three adorable children. But she wasn’t happy. It took children from an underprivileged background to help her find herself and discover a purpose so deep that it changed not just her life, but that of generations to come.

Principally Yours is the story of how one woman fostered hope in young people. A Hindu principal teaching economically challenged Jewish and Muslim students, enveloping them in love and harmony, instilling in them pride and a belief that commitment is all it takes to make life good. Not an easy task, given the odds, but Bubloo Sen had a steely resolve and a charismatic personality. In her dictionary every ‘No’ was met with a resounding ‘Yes’.

Behind the book

About the author

At thirty five, she epitomised the quintessential good wife and good mother. She had it all. A loving husband, three adorable children. Yet, she didn’t quite feel happy.

It was a bunch of children from an underprivileged background living in one of the toughest areas in Bombay – Nagpada – that helped her find herself and a purpose so deep that it changed not just her life, but those of generations.

She became the good teacher.

Today at eighty two she exhibits the same resilience and joie de vivre. Her love for life is contagious. A renowned educationist, foodie, fashionista and now a serial author and actress! Life for her has to be king-size. A woman who greets every morning with surprise, wonder and a childlike innocence. A woman who believes that every day is a gift she needs to share with the world.

A woman of substance. Bubloo Sen.

Me thinks

This book is a true story based on Ms. Bubloo Sen's life and her journey of being the Principal. The cover of the book is very soothing and conveys a lot of what can be expected from the book.Though the story is a real life story but there are many parts where you feel as if you are watching a movie on the television which has nail biting scenes at many places. What holds you onto the story is her sheer grit and determination. 

As the book is written not with the view to present a story but to tell a real heart warming story intended to inspire the readers the language is very lucid and simple. It reminded me of a quite a few of my own school teachers as I tried imagining their lives and their love for teaching.

Teachers , after our parents are the immediate people who teach us some of the most important lessons of our lives. And teachers like Bubloo Sen show how beautifully they paint the blank canvas of our lives making each one of us a masterpiece in our own sense.

This book deserves to be read by each and every teacher and each and every student - as it shows us how important a good teacher is in our life.

Foodie Verdict

This book is like Tiramisu Ice cream cake - sweet, melts in the mouth  and leaves you with a cool feeling inside!


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