Book Review: Musings of Desire (Poems) by Amit Radha Krishna Nigam

  • ISIN: 978-1482859607
  • Genre: Poetry collection
  • Publishers: Partridge
  • Price: Rs. 450/- (I got this book from the author for a review)
See through time's bleary glass, a little beyond in the past, Within the corners of our living rooms – Memories are sweetly nesting. They have made a house within our houses, basking in the glorious light, or reclining upon the soft couch in the shed. . .. From examining the nostalgia of love, to muse upon the memories of losses and pains, this, Amit's third collection of poems and verses, is even richer and poignant. While at times, it is engaging, devotional and philosophical, at other times, it also observes quietly the nature of our contemporary world.

Behind the book

About the author

Amit Radha Krishna Nigam (Son of Smt Shobha Nigam and Dr. R.K Nigam), 30, works as an IT professional with an MNC currently based out of Hyderabad and has been writing poetry since the last 15 years.

A few of his favourite poetry includes collections of Tagore, Mira, Sara, Gulzar, Ghalib, Eugenio Montale, Shakespeare Sonnets, Blake, RWE, Kipling, ABV, Ramakrishna. Besides above, many other contemporary and classic Indian poets and philosophers of Hindi, Urdu and English have a vast impression upon him.

Besides poetry, he also writes short stories and general articles on computer research, economic and other subjects of social importance (

His first collection appeared in an ebook selling at titled ‘Awake wonder and lost’. He has been a runner up at Writing Knights International poetry event (Ohio US) for his poem (The pure pains). ‘Pilgrims’ is his second English Poetry Collection, and ‘Musings of Desire’ third. He is currently busy writing his fourth book, a novella on identity crisis and Transgender Issues. You can reach him directly at –

Me thinks

When I was approached by the poet for a review of his book as is my habit I did a Google search on him and his works. I usually prefer knowing the author and their works well before taking up a review or author interview request. What really impressed me in this one was his passion for poetry and that was the core reason I said yes to this review.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this book and devoured it more than once for that is how I like poems, more than once. I firmly believe poems have a very unique magic in them making you feel different emotions every single time you read it their meanings keep changing ensuring you experience a plethora of emotions in one single book. And that is what this book did for me. He ensured I was on a mystical journey of my own with nothing but his words for company.

Poetry doesn't have any grammar , rather it is a language in its own capacity. A language that speaks from the heart to the soul. That is where the poet scores a brownie for he has translated that language very beautifully in his works. 

The cover of the book is very beautifully done which would grab the attention of the reader instantly. The only draw back (if there is any) is the price. The price of the book according to me a little too high for a poetry collection because of which not many would end up buying this brilliant book.

I would recommend poetry lovers to try this book even in its kindle form if cost does seem a constraint for it is sheer joy to read such wonderful works. 

Foodie Verdict

This book is like Nutella cheesecake - tempting, sinful, delicious and of course drool-worthy!



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