Behind the Book: My Journey Into Literature World by Rishabh Pandey

It began in the year 2012, when I was in intermediate. My English teacher was Sir G. N. Mishra. He taught literature in such a way that it no longer bored me. Rather, I began building an enormous interest in the field. We use to read Macbeth a Shakespearean tragedy. I have also read ' As You Like It' in my high school but only as a matter of completing syllabus. William Shakespeare used to be a name of horror for me. I never understood his language and intentions before G.N. Sir made it an interesting concept. He taught in such a way that it appeared to me like a Hollywood movie. Yeah, I know its childish but this is the way I was unknowingly developing interest in the literature.

Sir used to give question related to some scenes and chapters of poetry. At first I was unable write a word but he encouraged me to write. He made all his efforts to make me write something. After a month of beginning of studies and as a result of all his efforts I began writing. One day was answering a question from the poem 'Anthem For The Doomed Youth' a poem by Wilfred Owen. That day I thought to experiment on my writing snd I wrote 3 verses of my own related to the answer. I never thought that Sir would not only encourage but read the answer loudly in the class so that all could hear. After that incident to always expected me to write some really good answers accompanied with my own verses. 

For writing a good answer I needed words. He told me read some good novels and articles to get a good vocabulary. I started doing so in no time. Gradually, I read 'Tale Of Two Cities' by Charles Dickens. It was slow because I used to read maximum of 5 to 10 pages only to get bore. I started another novel 'The Count Of Monte Cristo' by Alexander Dumas. I completed the book in 10 hours. The reason was the suspense of Cristo and the story was greatly spun around all characters. Charles Dickens also did the same but I got to know this after some months from completing Alexander Dumas.

After that the hunger of stories, thoughts, poetry was intensified in me. I was unable to keep myself away from books. As the result I chose to graduate from literature when all wanted me to do Engineering. I love my decision. I love being in University library and reading alone. I love to make the world more beautiful through my poems.

Some times you need a person who can provoke into you the self esteem. I met Aishwarya Chitransh(she is also a featuring poet in colors) a girl in same city. She told me about the online contests. She encouraged me to write as she went through my Facebook timeline, she got to know I am a poet. She pushed me into the sea of literature and I love diving and swimming into it.

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