Guest Post: On poetry by Amit Radha Krishna Nigam (Poet)

The effervescent world of Poets…and what makes it different from the ordinary.

Imagine a sudden discord in a traffic or in a park and you will notice onlookers gathering their fast to opinionate about what’s right and wrong, morality and humility, and more thing that we learned from Kafta.

The contrarians and the defenders alike. Why? And who's to blame? Et el and possibly offering optional solutions to the problem unconvinced of their presence.

People pronounce on because such events trigger their response stimuli and they fish for a local subject to be a part of. Far from any obsession, it is the very nature of self – which is largely otherwise a passive entity that only notices but never observes or get provoked – until connected one-to-one.
A Poet, on the other hand, is different. He’s the master and not the follower of his nature and he doesn't need an external stimuli to act, he sees explosions everywhere and even creates for himself. Nature offers multitude of learnings and artistic provocations to its protégé and a poet is ever ready to listen and react to them through his poems. There’s no discord desired and even the quietness is fulfilling. While in sync with his inner self and surroundings, like a mystic only with lesser signs of mysticism perhaps until found, the desire to be consumed in social affairs completely for a responsibility that isn't part-metaphysical can never hold a poet back.

A poet knows and respects that thoughts are like rivers, you cannot cross the same twice and fear to lose them schedules and protects his passion from everything.

Everything is one to him – part of the same source like a stream flowing with passion. In poetry, personal and public are mingled to pay homage to poet’s intense emotions and animate and non-animate are often combined to fuse into the philosophy of love, redemption, loss, history and more.

If a poet choses a subject, it expands and lives more.

Author Bio: Amit Radha Krishna Nigam (Son of Smt Shobha Nigam and Dr. R.K Nigam), 30, works as an IT professional with an MNC currently based out of Hyderabad and has been writing poetry since the last 15 years.

A few of his favourite poetry includes collections of Tagore, Mira, Sara, Gulzar, Ghalib, Eugenio Montale, Shakespeare Sonnets, Blake, RWE, Kipling, ABV, Ramakrishna. Besides above, many other contemporary and classic Indian poets and philosophers of Hindi, Urdu and English have a vast impression upon him.

Besides poetry, he also writes short stories and general articles on computer research, economic and other subjects of social importance (

His first collection appeared in an ebook selling at titled ‘Awake wonder and lost’. He has been a runner up at Writing Knights International poetry event (Ohio US) for his poem (The pure pains). ‘Pilgrims’ is his second English Poetry Collection, and ‘Musings of Desire’ third. He is currently busy writing his fourth book, a novella on identity crisis and Transgender Issues. You can reach him directly at –


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