Book Review: Fluffy and Me by Anita Krishnan

  • ISIN: 978-81-759932-04
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Publishers: Fingerprint Publishing House
  • Price: Rs. 250/- (I got this book from the publishing house for a review)
A heartwarming true story of selfless love and boundless devotion that only canines are capable of showering.'Fluffy and Me' is a journey full of laughter and tears, fun and fear. It is a moving, Sensitive, hilarious and deeply touching story of undying friendship between a young girl and her Lhasa apso, and of their escapades as life glides from childhood to maturity in the pristine hills and valleys of the Himalayan town of Shimla.

Behind the book


About the author

Anita Krishan is an author, writer, poet, and columnist with a unique perspective towards storytelling. She worked as an educator for twenty-five years before deciding to devote full time to her passion for writing. She is a senior columnist with The Indian Economist.

Born in Shimla in 1955, she spent twenty-two years of her early life in this pristine Himalayan town. Her journey with narrative led her to write and direct plays, pen down novels, stories, and poems. An extremely sensitive human being, Anita Krishan has always been concerned about social and environmental issues.  Years of romance with prose led her to write her first book Running Up The Hill, published in 2007 followed by Tears of Jhelum in 2014.At present she lives in Delhi, NCR.

Me thinks

This book is cuteness overload! It was such amazing fun reading this book, I had a silly grin over my face as I flipped through the pages. Set in the 1980s in Shimla this story is a heartwarming tale of selfless friendship. It feels so overwhelming to witness something so pristine.

The author has managed to narrate the story of a lonely little girl pining for companion with such rich emotions that you cannot help but feel her pain. The joy when she gets her pet whom she names Fluffy is so evident in those pages that at few places you are moved beyond words. The camaraderie of these two comes alive in those pages as the author describes the magic they share. The beauty of this book lies in its sheer simplicity. The need for companionship and the quote that dog is a man's best friend so perfectly captured by the author. 

You will fall in love with Fluffy and this coming from someone who has always been scared of pets really means something. He is so adorable that I am now left with a deep desire to get my own pet. As I discovered from the author's note this is a true story, the author's account of her childhood companion and I believe that is what makes it so touching because she experienced it all to bring it alive in the story.

Strongly recommended , this one will warm your heart on cold wintery nights and cool your parched souls on hot summer afternoons.

Foodie Verdict

This book is like wine biscuits (except the name there is no wine in it!) but because they remind me of my childhood spent in 80s a lot. I spent many afternoons munching on them reading books and creating imaginary ones in my mind.