Yet Another Year...

I know the date of the post and title suggests it is yet another year ending message but make no mistake it is not!

Yes! My blog turns 4 today rather very unceremoniously. I have always had many plans for this blog but somehow it has never happened. And to be honest I at times feel I give it a step motherly treatment in more than one ways. How else can you explain my forgetting its birthday today! Thanks to a friend who sent a greeting today to remind me of it.

So my dearest blog this card is for you, with words that I mean from my heart. I love you a lot and I promise this year will be more rocking than others till now.

Loads of love and hugs!




  1. Happy anniversary to the blog. It's so cute:)

    1. :)

      Thanks a ton Vishal, I hope my blog thinks like that too! ;)

  2. May your blogging grow into puberty and subsequently to adulthood.And as you attain dotage,only your blogging grow old.


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