Book Review: The Ultimate Reality by Gian Kumar (Book 3)

  • ISIN:978-93-52013-74-6
  • Genre: Non-fiction / Self help
  • Publishers: Celestial Books (Leadstart Corp)
  • Price: Rs. 199/- ( I got the book from the publisher for a review)

In this third book, the author Gian Kumar has ventured into experiential awareness. His earlier books had shown that in spite of material and digital comforts in the world today, we are still living a life of dualities. Happiness-unhappiness, good-bad, God-devil, all exist side by side. Following spiritual teachings of gurus or masters do not give the much needed solace; there still seems to be something missing. The mind, with its constant chatter and habit of delving into past experiences and anxieties about the future, does not allow to live in the present moment and be aware in the 'now'. By the time our mind can register it, there is already a new 'now' which has taken its place. Here, the author has brought us into a deeper existence, where through experiential realization and higher consciousness, he has shown us by what methods we can attain this state. This brings us to the core, centralizing both extremes, helping us to realize an awareness of oneness with the universe.

Behind The book


About the author

Gian Kumar was born into a traditional Hindu family, in Burma (present-day Myanmar). From childhood, his life held paradoxes which he struggled to understand. While he was educated at a Christian boarding school which observed strict religious practices, these were diametrically opposed to the Hindu traditions and customs which were the norm when he went home for the holidays.

A thinker by nature, the inherent confusion and dogmas underlying religion, gradually impelled him towards spirituality.

Today, he is deeply grateful for a journey filled with opportunities to learn about existential riddles such as: Who am I? What is my purpose in Life? Is God an illusion? Gian hopes to share his own experiential learnings with others through the medium of his books.

Me thinks

Finally I finished the series! The first and the second book surely made a huge impact and I really enjoyed reading this one as well.

This book talks about the deep inner voice that exists somewhere within us also known as conscience. We have two voices inside us, this book teaches us to rise above both of them and reach a state of higher consciousness.

Also called as the no-mind zone by the author he has also highlighted the way you can attain this state. It is also known as being one with the Universe and knowing what your existence is all about.  I have enjoyed each of the book in the series with equal joy and what makes it special is his easy going language. Not once has he made me feel as to how will I be able to understand what is he saying.

If the other two books in the series were like cake and ice cream then this book was like the cherry on the cake. It was a perfect last installment in a series that I enjoyed so much. Though you can read each of the book independently the author has ensured that after reading the first book you will have some questions which will be answered in the second book and similarly for the third book as well. Hence it is advisable to read all of them in the series to have a better understanding of the mystery called life.

Strongly recommended for people like me who enjoy reading self help or spirituality very much.

Foodie Verdict

This book is like Malai Kulfi with Falooda - It has the makings of an amazing desert with perfect helpings of sweet, nuts and crunchiness!