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I don't remember how and when I got in touch with Aham Bhumika, all I remember is falling in love with its name.  Unique in its own sense, the name in itself stands for what it is trying to convey. When translated it means important role and that is what it wants all of us to play in this society by giving back to it what we have gathered till now in this beautiful journey called life. 

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Each and every creation of theirs is dipped in love and it reflects joy in every inch of it. Joy of living, joy of loving and joy of laughing. And that is what makes each one of their creation so special.  The colours, the patterns, the motifs... it all makes every piece look like a masterpiece.
Now tell me who wouldn't want one of these pieces to adorn their homes?

Lovely, aren't they? Each one reflecting the beauty of having passed through a child's hand and painted vividly with the innocent imagination of a child. What I loved the most about each piece is they stand for something so wonderful - Rainbow of life. With their bright hues splashing across one cannot help notice them and compare them to the beauty of a rainbow that brightens up even a dark sky.

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Sharing more details about them, they are a rural pre-school of 40 children near Borad ( approximately 17 kms from Bhopal). These children are mostly from the various labour class families that stay in the village working as daily wage labourers or in brick kiln. They are illiterate but Aham Bhumika strives to enlighten their future. And in a way play an Aham Bhumika in their lives. With their play way method they accommodate their children and attempt at bringing better opportunities to them. It takes them Rs. 14000/- a month to keep the school running and functional.

We all always think of doing something for the society but don't know how and where to begin from. This is a place where we have a chance to be the Nimit, a divine instrument in ensuring Aham Bhumika continues to play the pivotal role it does in our society.

You can send in your donations to the below appended bank account:

A/c name: Aham Bhumika Swayam Sevi Sanstha ,
SAVINGS ACCOUNT NO. 2073101015874
IFSC Code- CNRB0002073,

Please note all donations made are tax exempt under Sec-80 G of Income Tax Act, India. You can also write to them providing your Name, Address, Donation amount, PAN number and contact details to receive your receipt. 

In our society apart from love, what else can we share with these lovely children is our time and money too. If you want to be a part of Aham Bhumika in any manner that you can do feel free to get in touch with them at

Remember it is not always only about what you do, it also about how you do and when you do. There is no better time than NOW and every single drop makes a difference to the ocean. You don't need huge bank balances to make a difference, all you need is a huge heart. 


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