Book Review: Supereconomies- America, India, China & the future of the world by Raghav Bahl

  • ISIN: 978-06-7008-812-6
  • Genre: Non fiction
  • Publishers: Random House
  • Price: Rs. 699/- (I received the book for review from the publisher)
Our times are characterized not by estranged Superpowers building formidable arsenals but by engaged societies building a robust global economy. Emerging countries are redefining the geo-economic (and geopolitical) dynamic; in the new world order, a soaring GDP and a booming population are the true indicators of a nation's strength. The twenty-first century will be led, Raghav Bahl says, by a handful of SuperEconomies-large, prosperous countries with a high growth rate, ranking among the world's top trading partners, commanding 15 to 20 per cent of global GDP, having nuclear arms but using economic leadership to effect significant change. 

The USA and China qualify automatically as the two existing SuperEconomies. With its demographic advantage, a surplus of skilled labour, a GDP that is expected to jump from $2 trillion to over $5 trillion by 2025, a strategic geographic location and a new, decisive political leadership, India has every chance, Bahl argues, of becoming the third SuperEconomy. As the world's largest democracy, its arrival will enhance global stability and ensure that the balance of power remains free, fair and representative of the people. Drawing on history, current affairs and political and economic analyses, SuperEconomies projects how India can soon become a world leader and help secure a future of peace and prosperity for all.

Behind The book


About the author

Often called the 'Rupert Murdoch of India', Raghav Bahl is a journalist, entrepreneur, media baron and one of the most respected business leaders of India. He was the founder of Network 18, a highly diversified media company which he headed until 2014, when he exited to focus on his dream of creating a new-age digital media company, besides spending more time on public affairs. Raghav has been felicitated at various national and international forums. In 1994, the World Economic Forum named him a Global Leader of Tomorrow and he won India's Sanskriti Award for Journalism. Ernst & Young named him the Entrepreneur of the Year for Business Transformation in 2007.

Me thinks

THIS book is the answer to so many questions I have had running in my mind since last few years. I have been an investment banker for the last decade and have witnessed the 2008 recession, the Great fall and the economies of the world crashing down. I have also seen the historic Lehman Brothers close down never to open along with many other small branches of various other MNCs around me as so many of my friends lost their jobs at that time. I have read a lot of books on this topic from Colossal failure of common sense to the Stress Test in an attempt to find answers. I also watched Wall street the movie to understand if I could but the way this book has explained none of them could ever.

The author has managed to put a lot of things into perspective with reference to India as a developing country and our chances as an economy at the global level. I also loved the chapters where he talks about Mr. Modi, for he just reinstates my belief in our leader. I firmly believe he will surely take us to newer heights. As an Indian this book surely makes me feel very proud, it makes me believe the power that we hold as being the world's largest democracy and the strength we derive from it. But what also scares me is the weaknesses we have in and around our system. I just hope we all strive to work on it and lead to make India, the superpower it has the capacity to become.

Coming from a writer of his stature you can be rest assured about the authenticity of the data and the numbers he has mentioned. More so, his language doesn't seem one that is all about gyaan on the contrary he has used a very easy to understand language making it a very nice read. I read it in portions for I enjoyed the varied thoughts that came to my mind, I would go back to the news articles of that period just to refresh my memory and then come back to his analysis on that matter to find him to be bang on.

I would recommend this book to all economists, students and readers like me who enjoy reading the world and its economics.

Foodie Verdict

This book is like kaju halwa, delicious, one that melts in your mouth and satiates your hunger pang ( read: for knowledge on India)