Book Review: Nights in Pink Satin by Anita Shirodkar

  • ISIN: 978-817-599-2801
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Publishers: Fingerprint Lite
  • Price: Rs. 199/- (I won this book in Goodreads first Giveaway held by the publisher)
What happens when a heartbroken newly-wed girl writes an erotic, sexually charged story based on a cougar she knows?
Simran Dandekar, the pretty daughter of a rich construction magnate from Nagpur, marries Siddharth, the good-looking scion of the Mumbai-based Raichand family, only to find out that her marriage is nothing more than a financial transaction, her husband is still not over his last heartbreak, and that the high society Mumbai which she has married into is a cesspool of extramarital affairs and torrid sexual encounters!

Not one to shy away from taking inspiration when and where she finds it, Simran soon writes a spectacular tale of love and lust, even as she struggles hard to find both in her married life. But things spiral out of control when the anonymously published risqué potboiler becomes an instant best-seller. Just as her relationship with her husband begins to bloom, the controversial ‘Nights in Pink Satin’ threatens to bring her down!

Will Simran’s literary aspirations bring her rewards, or bring her into disaster zone? Join Simran in Nights in Pink Satin, a warm, colourful story set in Mumbai’s high society with entirely believable characters.

Behind The book
Source: Goodreads

About the author

Anita Shirodkar has studied Applied Art from Sophia Polytechnic, Mumbai. Having spent 20 years in the advertising industry in Mumbai and Dubai, she ended up as creative director (art) at Mudra Communications. She is currently creative consultant to a destination management company that promotes tourism to India, and has been designing and writing brochures on India-- the most recent of which was a coffee table book on destinations and luxury hotels in India. She also forayed into food writing, including writing content for a gourmet food store in Mumbai, and a cookbook which she designed, photographed and ghost-wrote for a nutritional specialist. She lives in Mumbai and Dubai, where she manages a business. She starting writing fiction a year and a half ago, and secrets and Nights in Pink Satin is her second work of fiction.

Me thinks

The first thing one would notice about this book is the title and the inviting cover page which might give an image of it being an erotica but let me tell you it is not at all even close to erotica so all readers planning to grab it because of that, please beware. But I can assure you a good racy read with nice twists and turns and almost zero editing errors in this book.

This is the author’s second book but I read her for the first time and so to speak I was highly impressed. She has woven an interesting story existing in the Page 3 families of Mumbai, taken a page out of their lives and painted it with her vivid imagination. There is not a single dull moment in the whole script and the flawless editing makes it a perfectly enjoyable read. I finished reading it in 1 hour 45 minutes and enjoyed it thoroughly.

I like the strong characters that the author has managed to etch out in this 230 pages novel, so much so that you connect with you leaving an everlasting impression. There are a lot of characters in the book as you might have judged till now for it is full of drama, romance, mystery, suspense, thrill but each one of them is so unique and well defined that not for a single moment are you confused anywhere between them.

The narration is also very breezy making it a light and enjoyable read. I would give full marks to the author for her writing skills in this novel which has the potential of becoming a full-fledged Bollywood masala movie with every aspect of it present in it right from the word go. You have colourful razzmatazz, Page 3 who’s who, gossips, designer brands, business houses, name, fame, romance, huge amount of moneys topped with oodles of drama and intrigue. Amidst all this the author has still managed to retain the emotions and light tone of the book without making it too heavy on the readers or losing out the steam anywhere in between. She has ended the book in the same tempo she has started it with making it a perfect read for a lazy summer afternoon. You won’t repent spending it with this book for it left me with a huge smile on my face the sign of a time well spent!

Recommended for people who enjoy light reads and love reading drama and romance.

P.S: Now I am curious to read the author’s previous work! Its added to my TBR  :)

Foodie Verdict

This book is like Falooda - mouth watering, sweet, delicious, melts in your mouth and leaves an amazing after taste.



  1. Yummy great review Namrata, feel like buying the book right away!

    1. You should Ruchi, believe me you won't repent it :)

  2. Hey Namrata, thanks for the lovely, detailed review. I grew quite fond of those characters by the end of it and am so happy they resonated with you too. The idea was to write a book that is light and breezy, but not just pure romance; I like the idea of building in an interesting plot with some pacy writing. From your review, I get the feeling that my purpose was achieved. By the way, I love the foodie verdict part, very creative. Please do read my earlier work... if you inbox me your address on my facebook author page ( ,) I'll send you a copy. :)

    1. Hello Mam, it was indeed a pleasure reading you and now your comment on my blog has made it all the more special. Thank you so much for this. I have received your book sent by you and loved that as well. Rather I might sound biased but that one is my favourite out of the two.:)

      Thanks so much mam, will look forward to your future works. Truly enjoyed reading you!


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