Metro Diaries : Get Set and Go.....

It is one thing to sit night after night to write stories and it is another to finally see it in the form of a book. When I began writing the Metro Diaries I never knew the number of hearts it would touch for I wrote because I felt the need to share those stories. From blogposts to a book the journey has been nothing short of enthralling and yes today when I am just few hours away from holding it in my hands I am speechless. Yesss!! The book is finally ready for release and the pre-order links are now open here:



Seeking your love as always!


  1. looking forward to read it. will it also be available on kindle?

    1. Thank you :)

      Yes the physical and e book version releases on the same day 4th March 2015


  2. Hi Namrata,

    wish you a very happy international Women's day! Where could I get a hard copy of this book today?
    There was an interview on radio few days ago... 30 short stories... is this the same book?!!

    I am in Baroda, wish to gift it someone to celebrate women's day... is it available at Crosswords?


    1. Hi N,

      Wishing you a wonderful Women's day too :)

      Thank you so much for writing in! I truly appreciate the same.

      Yes this is the exactly the same book that was aired on Radio Mirchi :)

      I would like to apologise to you for two things first - one is the delay in responding to your comment and secondly there is some delay in ensuring the books at Baroda crosswords due to a goof up at the distributor'e end. Hence you might have to wait to see it there.

      As of now if you would like to buy it then you will have to order it online from flipkart or amazon. If you scroll this page to the top on extreme right I have placed the link. You can just click on it and order the same. Do let me know if you are still facing any issue in the same.

      I am so sorry I spoiled your plans of gifting it today and if there is a way I can make up for the same would love to do that.

      Wishing you and your friend loads of love and joy always!



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