Book Review: Kamadeva – The God of Desire by Anuja Chandramouli

  • ISIN: 9788129134592
  • Genre: Mythology /Fiction
  • Publishers: Rupa Publications
  • Price: Rs. 295/- ( I received the book for review from the author)

Kamadeva, the charming wielder of the sugarcane bow and the flower-tipped arrows, born out of the wellspring of Brahmas latent passion, has for long remained an enigma. This enthralling story of the God of Desire explores his many wondrous adventures, as well as his heady romance with Rati, his chief consort.

Best friends with Indra, the King of the Gods, tutor to the Apsaras in the art of lovemaking, Kamadeva lives a dream life in the magnificent Kingdom of Amaravathi - until danger strikes when he incurs the wrath of Shiva because of a preordained curse. Follow Kama as he hurtles towards his destiny and the Destroyers dreaded third eye. Find out if he will rise from the ashes to reign supreme as the King of Hearts or if he will be doomed to spend an eternity as Ananga - The bodiless one.
In Kamadeva - The God of Desire, the author masterfully marries imagination with stellar research to bring to vivid life one of the most intriguing Gods of the Hindu pantheon. Laced with wit and narrated in contemporary flavour, Kamadeva will take you on a rollicking ride into the heart of desire and its tantalizing dark side.
Behind The book
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About the author
Anuja Chandramouli is a full-time mommy and part-time writer. She is the author of Arjuna: Saga of a Pandava Warrior Prince & Kamadeva: The God of Desire.She holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a master’s degree in English. She currently works out of home as a columnist and e-reporter. She has been accredited with a number of articles that she writes on a freelance basis. Her articles have been featured in publications that include Lonely Planet, The Hindu, and Womens Era. She resides in Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu, with her husband and two daughters.
You can reach her at: Facebook | Website | Twitter

Me thinks
When the author approached for a review I nodded a yes in a nano second for I have loved her first book and was looking forward to her next work. After reading this book the first thought that comes to my mind is that she has arrived and that too with a bang. With this book she has proved her mettle as an author who masters in mythology. From the extensive research that might have gone behind this book to the detailing of the character, the author has done a mind blowing job. Her debut book Arjuna was definitely a page turner but with this one she has placed herself a notch higher and outdone her own work.
Beginning with this book - everything from the cover, to the title, name, the story and the narration this book is truly a masterpiece. Keeping in mind Kamadeva the cover is done beautifully in various hues of pink and purple making it very attractive.
The story is of Kamadeva, the God of desire one who can be easily called the Indian Cupid. Starting from his love, his desires to his rebirth and his various escapades this book makes a very interesting read. It shows us various aspects of Kamadeva which are usually not known to everyone. With this book the author has managed to show avery different face of Kamadeva, one that makes him more endearing.

There are places where the language comes across as crude but the way the author has dealt with it is very subtle, not letting it sound rough and unparliamentary at all. She has depicted very intimate things with a delicacy adding beauty to it rather than making them seem cheap. That is definitely an art she must be appluaded for. I liked the detailed narration the author has given to some very crucial scenes making them come alive before your eyes.

Overall a wonderfully written book, well researched, well narrated and nicely presented. This is one author whom I really enjoy reading and would recommend to one and all.
Foodie Verdict

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This book is like sutarfeni - sweet, soft, delicious and one that melts in your mouth leaving a light after taste.