Book Review: The Corner Office by Ashutosh Garg

  • ISIN: 978-8129124777
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Publishers: Rupa Publications India
  • Price: Rs. 195/-
In 1980, Rahul, Raj, Iqbal, Sangeeta and Anita get their first jobs at a large multinational alcohol-manufacturing company, Trust Corporation. Over the next three decades, the five go through ups and downs in their personal and professional lives as they race one another to the top. However, through all of this, their goal remains unchanged?each of them wants to become the chairman and enter the fabled corner office. But at what cost? Is the dream worth the sacrifices they make? In the quest for money and supremacy, will they compromise their ethics and principles? Will their families and friends stand by them or get left behind? A starkly realistic drama about greed, perseverance and the pursuit of power, The Corner Office showcases the journey of every enterprising player in the cutthroat corporate arena, and the consequences of ruthless ambition.

Behind The book

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About the author

Ashutosh Garg worked in the corporate sector for over twenty-five years before starting Guardian Pharmacy, a nationwide chain of health and wellness retail outlets, in 2003. Today, Ashutosh Garg sits on the board of several NGOs and companies and has also written the highly acclaimed book "The Buck Stops Here: My Journey from a Manager to an Entrepreneur".

Me thinks

The cover is mysterious and poignant, one that entices a reader to grab it and read the secrets it holds inside. The presentation of the story is very nicely done in a manner that it grabs the reader’s attention and holds it to the last word. There is not a single place where the reader might feel where the author has let loose his attention span.

The narration is very fluid, in terms if no abrupt stops or jolts and yet the aroma of mystery hanging in the air very subtly. The plot is set in a corporate environment and the story is about the do’s and don’ts in a corporate environment, the rights and wrongs and what all one faces when one is a part of it all. The story line is definitely refreshing as there is a novelty in the approach which the author has managed to bring across.

The story flow is gripping, given the genre and the storyline I wouldn’t want to tag it a thriller but yes it still does make a gripping read from start till the end. The language is lucid, to the point and effective. When it comes to corporate books there are instances where the authors use languages which common people are unable to grab and decipher. But here the author scores a brownie point as he has used lingo in a very easy to understand manner. The book is a very innovative take on the corporate world with an insider’s view and that too not from someone who sounds like a Mr-Know-It-All. The only con – few scenes in the book and narrations sound a bit cliché. 

Overall recommended read for the pure thrill this book is all about.

Foodie Verdict

This book islike Turkish Coffee - Dark, strong and unique.

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