Book Review: We’re all mad here by Leigh Raines

  • ISIN: 9781941541098
  • Genre: Fiction / Young Adult
  • Publishers:French press Bookworks
  • Price: (I got this book as ARC from the publisher)
Jade Thompson had the kind of adolescence you would find in a Norman Rockwell painting. But at 19-years-old when her seemingly normal life is flipped on its head, she's forced to take a closer look at the relationships in her life and the decisions she has made.

It feels as if she has fallen down a rabbit hole. As she returns to college and stumbles through her new reality, she finds herself more than a little lost. With the help of her three closest friends, we spend the year with Jade through her ups and downs where she discovers everyone is a little bit mad in the world.
Behind The book

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About the author
Born and raised just outside of New York City, Leigh Raines is the youngest of 5 wild siblings. As a kid they all made fun of her for staying up late to read under her covers with a flashlight.

Her love of reading also turned into a love of writing and Leigh enrolled at Lehigh University where she earned a BA in Journalism. Today she uses that degree to review TV shows for work. She also used her 4 years there to help inspire some of her debut novel "We're All Mad Here."

Leigh spends most of her time writing, watching her shows, draining the battery on her Kindle, babysitting her nieces and nephews, and cuddling with her French bulldog puppy. Now instead of using a flashlight when it's bedtime, she pulls up the Kindle app on her phone for just a few more pages...or until the end of the book.

Me thinks

The moment I saw this book on good reads with its cover, my immediate reaction was How cute! There is a sense of innocence all throughout the book that you expect the moment you read the blurb and the author does complete justice to that. 

You are not disappointed even for a single moment. For a debutant that’s a wonderful trait to have, to be able to write an engrossing novel one that makes the reader want to stay awake till late night to finish it and still haunt the reader long after it is over.

The narrative style of the author if I may call it so, is very lucid one that builds a connect with the reader almost instantaneously which lasts till the book ends and in some cases even after that ( like in mine!)

What took me by surprise was the way she managed to narrate the whole story without making it feel like one, a tale which seemed so real that it could actually pass onto be the author’s own story or perhaps my story or maybe just maybe your story.

If there is one line in which I could describe this book it would be a perfect coming of age book which everyone should read; adults to rekindle some old memories and teenagers to look into the mirror just to see life a bit more clearly. 

Foodie Verdict

This book is like chocolate marshmallows - chocolatey, mushy, delicious and yummy!
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