Follow your heart - Editor's Note July 2014

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As I child I remember learning in school – eyes are to see, ears to hear, hands to do, legs to walk, heart to pump blood and mind to think. I grew up believing it to the eternal truth of life – heart pumps blood and mind thinks.

It took a series of failures, fall outs, heartbreaks, tremendous breakdowns and worst nightmares coming true to realize that whatever I learnt then was so wrong. Apart from pumping blood heart has its own way of thinking and giving us different perspectives in life. And I learnt the biggest lesson of life.

FOLLOW YOUR HEART- 99.99% of the times it knows exactly what you want. And the remaining 0.01% times when it doesn't mostly means you don’t want anything! ~ N

When you decide to listen to your heart there will be many instances where you will be termed an emotional fool, a person who is not rational enough in life to accept the harsh realities around. But what these people will never understand is that it is not about not accepting the realities, it is about accepting them and yet not being bogged down by them.

Always listen to your heart, for some day it might just stop saying anything to you.
And that is the day you might exist but you cease being alive. ~ N

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  1. Though experts opine that heart is for passion and mind is for reason,I find truth in your words here.Lovely.


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