Friday, June 06, 2014

Book Review: The Dream Catcher by Privy Trifles


  • Genre: Fiction/ Drama
  • Publishers: L.I.F.E
  • Price: Available for free download HERE

Dreams are often most profound when they seem the most crazy. ~Sigmund Freud

This quote held the secret of her life tightly within those words. The world is not for dreamers, it is for doers and achievers she was told. But she did not stop dreaming for she was not a dreamer, she was a dream catcher, and someone who could grab thoughts out of the imagination weaves them into dreams, makes them into a reality just in the blink of an eye. Join her in her journey to becoming a dream catcher and witness magic of LIFE unfold that will reinstate your belief in miracles.

Behind The book
Picture (C) Privy Trifles

About the author
Me thinks
The dream catcher is the story of a girl who was always teased for being a dreamer, for living in a world that was far away from reality. But she choose to let it all go unheard for somewhere deep in her heart she believed that dreams do come true, otherwise why were they set in your eyes in the first place.
The book talks about her journey from being tagged a nothing to becoming a something that made everyone gape at her in awe. Her fights throughout the book for something as bare minimum as existence are truly touching.

The author has managed to keep the narrative so simple yet intriguing that it is difficult to imagine the situation for that child who witnesses the ugly side of life at an age as young as 10. When she cries herself to sleep at night accepting that she is the culprit is the moment when you actually want to hug that child and tell her no you are not.

You smile with her as she grows up to learn that everything that happens doesn’t happen because of her. Somewhere in those moments she falls in love with life and life loves her back. This is a story of triumph and hope. One that would leave you with a smile by the time you finish the book. Recommended for people who enjoy reading such books.

There are some wonderful lines in this book that refused to leave my mind long after I had finished reading it. Sharing some quotes from this book with you:

Moving ahead the path might not clear, there might be bumps and potholes. But that path also IS the path that leads you to where you want to be and NOTHING should be the deterrent to it.
The road might not seem to be leading to anywhere but in the end it does lead to somewhere as we keep moving ahead in the journey of LIFE.

There's something about the never ending roads on highway. At one point they seem to be leading to nowhere and all of a sudden you reach a point where they lead to everywhere. That's how life is. Stuck one moment and running madly the other!


Sometimes walking on the un-trodden paths is necessary for you never know which one will lead to your destination!

Some roads lead to nowhere, yet we tread on them... Coz sometimes it’s important to just keep moving on rather than halt midway and feel lost!

It feels good at times to leave behind the known and tread on the unknown paths for the joy of finding something new is unmatched for!


It isn't about the grey skies it’s about the peeping sun,

It isn't about the falling rain drops it’s about the smell of a soaked mother earth,

It isn't about a bad beginning its about a happy ending!


A warm Monday morning where the fog has ensured you see only the things around you

Nature has its own ways of telling you - How important it is to concrete only on things around you, within your arms length and live in that present moments without worrying about what lies few metres ahead!
Sometimes in life you fall in love with some people – they teach you what love is.
While there are some who fall in love with you – they teach you why to love.
And then there are some who make you fall in love with yourself - they teach you how to love.
Foodie Verdict
This book is like butterscotch mousse - yummy, melts in the mouth and delicious!
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