Sunday, May 04, 2014

The Doers and Talkers

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Very talkative” the remarks column in my diary read.

My mom kept staring at it long as if there lay my future, stamped and declared to the world. 

After what seemed like ages she finally looked at me with a stern face.

What is this supposed to mean? “She asked. Now this baffled me, I think it was very clear. Still I tried my best to clarify.

Mom you know Aditi she doesn’t know the story of Pinocchio. Isn’t it funny? I know it since I was 5. So I told her the story today. She laughed so much as I narrated…. And…

And …?” she screamed inquiringly.

And the teacher punished us for talking in the class. “ I replied meekly.

That was the first time perhaps my mom came to know about my two hidden skills – talking and storytelling. (Well, she refused to acknowledge the later till quite recently – that’s another story altogether!). A talker I was and still am.Even as a child I remember there was not a single moment I wasted in getting acquainted with people. And be it anything under the sun I had something to say always and all ways. 

Today almost two decades after that incident I still proudly claim to be the two though my medium has changed. Now I tell stories through my blogs and books and I talk either on FB messenger or through text messages / BBM.
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To highlight the extent to which things have changed right now:

Then: My mom would be screaming her lungs out at me ( not that she doesn't do it now!) – Your exams are just 2 weeks away. Can you please switch that music system off and study something! It will do you some good.

Now: It’s been 3 hours you are reading that book. Can you keep it aside and give some attention to us mere mortals!

Then: There you go… it’s not even 12 am and you are dozing off quietly behind that book. Go wash your face and start reading again.

Now: (Sleepily) It’s 4 am… will you now go to sleep. That Godforsaken book will be alive tomorrow also I believe.

Then: How many times do I need to tell you, write and read? How will you pick up pace for your exams? You are just cramming it up and during exams your hands will start paining.

Now: Don’t your hands pain? You are scribbling, typing or texting all the time. Where do you get all the energy?

A lot of things have changed but what haven’t changed are the emotions behind it all. Then and now I am still the straight forward person who was very emotional. Well, not to forget the hugs and kisses on foreheads might have been replaced by various emoticons the feeling behind it all still remains the same. 

What I used to express through my actions during story telling today I try to emote them through words and then what I used to convey through my words verbally to friends and loved ones today I do through beautiful hand written letters or personalized emails / messages for every occasion, complete with hearts and all the mush intact not taking away anything that could make it as close to the real-feeling as possible.

Words I believe are very powerful – written, heard, felt, understood or said. They have the strength to communicate everything from love to hatred and the power to make or mar someone.They carry a part of us in them to the other person and can either be treasured or become a never-to-be-cured wound. And I realized the value of them when I began to write. Till then I was just a hoarder of words in various forms, letters, cards and books. And now I was the creator of them; stories, poems and musings. More than the joy of creating them I fell in love with the way they managed to wriggle a permanent place amongst some people’s hearts.

Like the lines just above my comments section reads:

Words are all that I have to offer ~ From me to you,
And words are all that I crave for ~From you to me!
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