Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Kya Dilli Kya Lahore - A tale to be heard and retold

Lakeerein hain to rehne do, kisi ne rooth kar gusse mein shayad kheech di thi.
Unhi ko ab banao paala aur aao kabaddi khelte hain. Lakeerein hain to rehne do -Gulzar
These words captivated my attention to the television screen and stayed with me long after the teaser promo of Kya Dilli Kya Lahore was over.
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Every time I think of Pakistan the only thought that comes to my mind is how similar we are, yet so distinct and the biggest line of demarcation that defines who we are is the line drawn between our countries. Partition as an issue is very close to my heard for unknown reasons. I have read a lot about it in books like Train to Pakistan and of course movies like Gadar, Waqt... the only question that used to haunt me every time was who gave them the right to divide us like this, creating an irrevocable barrier in hearts of people leading to a gap which just keeps getting wider with the passage of time.
Perhaps these lines by Gulzar were an answer to my question.

The more I saw the trailer of this movie the more I was intrigued as the music was inviting and the story line attractive. In today’s times when social media is so active it didn’t take me much time to finally reach HERE the official website of this movie.
I read the plot of the movie - A chanced meeting between a Pakistani soldier of Indian origin and an Indian soldier of Pakistani origin in the year 1948 between a cross fire.
It reminds me of a scene from the movie LOC- Kargil when the Indian Army soldiers come across the dead body of  Pakistani soldier and find a family photograph in his wallet. A loving wife, an adorable kid smiling through it standing by his side as if to say We are your strength. Just like so many of them.
The writer in me had already travelled to that location where they meet as I try to ponder will they be warm to each other knowing that they are all alone right now with no one else for help. I wish they could see each other as human beings first rather than their countries of origin. Will it make a difference if they knew that they originated with different places and yet today are standing against each other? ... Are some of the thoughts running in my mind...! Perhaps yes, perhaps no... Some questions I believe only the movie will answer for me as by now I am curious to witness their meeting.
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Having loved the song Lakeerein by Gulzar I now wanted to listen to all its songs. The expectations were already very high and no, I wasn’t disappointed at all. There is a soul in each one of them, the pain so clearly evident not only in the lyrics but also in the voice of the singers making it all come alive in front of your eyes. The heart aches with each one of them as they tug your heart and leave you moist eyed.
I have always admired Gulzar Saab for being able to conjure magic with his pen time and again. But in the songs of this movie he has surely put out his soul. He has always spoken about Partition being close to him, having left his birthplace in his childhood never to go back till now. Having read his works I remembered how fondly he spoke about that place but today in these songs the longing of his heart was for the listener to hear and feel.
  • Kisse Lambe – A heartfelt rendition in Punjabi sung by Sukhwinder Singh tells the story behind boundaries. I had a lump in my throat by the end this one ended.
  • Lakeerein – The masterpiece of the album - A song that tries to justify the boundaries, this one will give you goose bumps!
  •  Jo Dikhte ho – This number describes the hurt and anguish of being lied upon. A touching piece for sure.
  •  Kaleje Main – Questions is what this song is full of, questions is what it will leave you with.
The songs will haunt you long after you are done listening to them for their beauty is beyond the words they are woven around. Hats off to Gulzar Saab for having created such a beautiful album which is going to stay in the hearts of people for a long time. One movie that I am strongly looking forward to... for the tale to be heard and retold.

If you haven't watched the teaser yet, here's it for you to soak into ~