Book Review: The Sour Faced Moon: Rohini Lall


ISBN – 978-9383562305
Genre: Fiction
Publishers: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltdc
Price: Rs. 153/- (P.S: I received the book from the publisher as a gift!)

Oscillating between the families of Imroz Agha Khan, who resents his prosperous Afghan forefathers and his perennial outsider status in his own homeland and Danielle Anderson, who returns to seek refuge in the truth and dreams she had so abruptly fled from twelve years ago.

A story spanning three generations with malleability of rules as people try to break the bondage they have created all on their own. Rohini Lall s debut novel, THE SOUR FACED MOON is the saga of intertwining cultures and generations.

Behind The book

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About the author

Rohini Lall was born in Bhagalpur, Bihar and lives in Delhi. She has been an avid reader since a very early age and has a keen interest in classic literature, modern fiction, and poetry. She is interested in art, travelling and is a movie buff. The Sour Faced Moon is her first book. She can be reached at
Me thinks

I loved the title of the book – pretty innovative, quirky and of course enticing a reader as it piques your interest. Though I feel the cover design could have been a bit more elaborative and detailed in terms of grabbing the reader’s attention.

For a debutant the author has done an exceptional job here. I simply loved the detailing done by the author, the emotions, the narrative, the flow – all deserve thumbs up for a first timer’s attempt.
The author has written the story exceptionally well dealing with human emotions beautifully. Yes the story line is touching and a little bit melodramatic but it never feels suffocating with the same old stuff. You are actually curious to read and know what’s in store ahead.

I would say please don’t go by the cover page or the fact that it is a debut novel. It is a wonderful read and surely a must read just for the beauty it has in terms of story and strong narrative.

Foodie Verdict

This book is like Jhalmuri - tasty and tangy!
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