Monday, March 31, 2014

Book Review: The Little Hearts by Ravi Kumar


Genre: Fiction / Romance
Publishers: Biblica Publications
Price: Rs. 195/- ( P.S: I got the book from the author for a review)

The crux of the novel is the awakening of a young innocent boy’s mind, intellect and body. His budding senses and intellect which go through a turbulent phase as he matures is brought out. This apart, some serious valid questions which troubled everyone at some point in their life are highlighted.

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Book Review: Ramayana - The Game of Life: Rise of the Sun Prince by Shubha Vilas


ISBN – 978-8184955309
Genre: Mythological
Publishers: Jaico Publishers
Price: Rs. 250/- ( P.S: I got the book from the publisher for a review)

Ramayana: The Game of Life , one of the world's great literary masterpieces, skilfully retold for modern audiences. Epics like the Ramayana have been recounted infinite times. Is there a need for another chronicle in the presence of so many? How is this one different? And is it relevant to our ever-changing modern lives?

Yes, there is a need, yes this is different and yes, it is relevant. This new series of books, each following one khand of the Ramayana, decodes the eternal wisdom of that poetic scripture through gripping narrative and thought-provoking instruction. In the time-honoured custom of spreading wisdom through tales, every fascinating story in the epic is retold here and every character unfolded to captivate your heart and open your mind to life's deepest questions.

The narrative closely follows Valmiki's Ramayana, gently weaving in folk tales as well as the beautiful analogies of the Kamba Ramayana. The first of this six-volume series, Rise of the Sun Prince, takes you through the divine story of Lord Rama from His birth up to His marriage. Through these pages are revealed the tales of Dasaratha's leadership, Vishwamitra's quest for power and the intriguing story of a little-known stone maiden. Ramayana: The Game of Life has all of this and much more - food for contemporary thought drawn from an enduring masterpiece

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Book Review: Chanakya's 7 Secrets of Leadership by D. Sivanandhan Radhakrishnan Pillai


ISBN – 978-8184954012
Genre: Non- Fiction / Inspirational / Business
Publishers: Jaico Publishers
Price: Rs. 200/- ( P.S: I got the book from the publisher for a review)

Chanakya, who lived in India in the 4th Century BC, was a leadership guru par excellence. The treasure of his teachings can be found in his book, The Arthashastra, which deals with good governance based on ideal leadership. The concept of the ideal nation in The Arthashastra, called Saptanga, holds that there are seven pillars of a kingdom: Swami, Amatya, Janpada, Durg, Kosha, Dand, Mitra iti Prakritya. For centuries, Indian rulers have used this concept as a model of successful government.
In this path-breaking book, Chanakya's 7 Secrets of Leadership, author Radhakrishnan Pillai delves into Chanakya's Saptanga with the real-life example of D. Sivanandhan. Former Director General of Police, Maharashtra and the archetype of an able administrator, Sivanandhan shares his guidelines for effective management, highlighting those that make him a dynamic leader.
In Chanakya's 7 Secrets of Leadership, theory meets practice, academic research meets vast experience in police supervision and an age-old formula is revealed in a modern-day success story. Together, Pillai and Sivanandhan bring Chanakya's model to life. Anyone can use the seven secrets of leadership to run a kingdom effectively. Apply them in your life and the magic of Chanakya's wisdom will transform you into the ideal leader.
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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Book Review: Karma Kurry by Jeroninio Almeida, Jyoti Nanda


· ISBN – 9788184954036

· Genre: Non- Fiction / Self help

· Publishers: Jaico Publishers

· Price: Rs. 200/- ( P.S: I got the book from the publisher for a review)

Karma Kurry for the Mind, Body, Heart & Soul is a decade-long journey of discovering soul-stirring narratives that celebrate the triumph of the human spirit. “Together as One we can Right every Wrong”. In this energizing book the founders of the Joy of Giving, KarmaVeer, KarmaYuga and REX movements bring together enthralling life stories of Karmaveer award recipients.

We believe that every human has a hero within; a courageous, compassionate being who has the power to create a better, more humane world. The compelling stories in this book are of ordinary citizens who have unleashed the spirit within, with extraordinary consequences, radically changing society for the better. Their ideas for action and their stories will inspire you at a profound level. They are everyday women and men who have taken their defeats and adversities and turned them into laudable actions for transformation.

The list includes globally eminent names like Meera Sanyal, Michael Norton, Arun Maira, Bill Drayton and Kumi Naidoo as well as unsung heroes like Lakshman Singh, Thangsingh Chinkholal and many others. Irrespective of their field, these are people who have reached out beyond their own life to help others, to be and to lead the change by practicing Individual Social Responsibility. In Karma Kurry, their stories have been gathered to inspire all of us to recognize the power of one: our own power to be a champion of change, reinforce the positive in society and leave an imprint on the sands of time.

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Being a Womaniya!

As a child I used to adore my mom’s friends every time they come home. The cackling laughter, the infectious joy on their faces... some there since her childhood together in every step that they took.
I grew up dreaming of having such friends around me – my besties with whom I could be myself and share the dirtiest secret without a cringe. But somehow that never happened! I had friends who were more like “girls” and perhaps I wasn’t like one. Well to let you know am those types who when under trouble instead of shouting for HELP! Would actually beat the hell out of the trouble to make it whim HELP!!
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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Book Review: Karachi you’re are killing me by Saba Imitiaz


ISBN – 978-8184004601

Genre: Fiction

Publishers: Random House

Price: Rs. 225/- ( P.S: I got the book from the publisher for a review)

Ayesha is a twenty-something reporter in one of the world's most dangerous cities. Her assignments range from showing up at bomb sites and picking her way through scattered body parts to interviewing her boss's niece, the couture-cupcake designer.

In between dicing with death and absurdity, Ayesha despairs over the likelihood of ever meeting a nice guy, someone like her old friend Saad, whose shoulder she cries on after every romantic misadventure. Her choices seem limited to narcissistic, adrenaline-chasing reporters who'll do anything to get their next story, to the spoilt offspring of the Karachi elite who'll do anything to cure their boredom.

Her most pressing problem, however, is how to straighten her hair during the chronic power outages. Karachi, You're Killing Me! is Bridget Jones's Diary meets the Diary of a Social Butterfly, a comedy of manners in a city with none.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Somewhere in between

Nadira adjusted her necklace one last time in the mirror before rushing out of her house. It was 7:30 and she was running late already. Ayesha, her best friend would be waiting for her and here she was, couldn’t even decide what to wear, as if that was going to matter. Today Ayesha was the occasion and the celebration; no matter how many pains Nadira took to get ready she would barely get noticed. After all it was her first wedding anniversary to a man for whom she meant the world!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Book Review: Things Your Mother Never Told You about Love by Juhi Pande


·         ISBN – 9788184004380

·         Genre: Non-Fiction / Self help / Relationships

·         Publishers: Random House

·         Price: Rs. 199/- ( P.S: I got the book from the publisher for a review)

A witty advice book on relationships, life, and dealing with the rocky road.

We all know that girls love boys who love girls, and then they turn into women who love men who love women. And no matter how much one would like to clutter their life with work or distract themselves with friends or treks or travels, at the end of the day it is the matters of the heart that take control of our deeper senses.

This is a book about growing up, of learning and un-learning, losing and receiving, crying and smiling, but most of all—loving. From the first awkward teenage days to discovering boys to falling in love and getting your heart broken, Juhi Pande tells you the Things Your Mother Never Told You about Love. Guaranteed to lift the spirit and add a spring in your step, this book tells us everything us girls need to know to get us through the rough seas.

Behind The book

Forget algebra. Love can be the hardest, most complicated thing on earth.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Celebrating Me !

On 8th March as the world celebrated Women's Day I celebrated my first born blog's 3rd birthday. Looking back in time as I reminisced about my journey till here I was reminded of a beautiful and unique contest being held by my wonderful friends at Indiblogeshwaris.

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Book Review: Sorry you are not my type by Sudeep Nagarkar


·         ISBN – 9788184004908

·         Genre: Fiction

·         Publishers: Random House

·         Price: Rs. 150/- (I got this book from the publisher for a review)
A brand new love story from the bestselling author of Few Things Left Unsaid, That’s the Way We Met, and It Started with a Friend Request. The final audition for Rajhans College’s prestigious music band brings together three contrasting personalities. Vikrant, a perfectionist, who believes there is onlyone perfect someone for you. Anamika, a free spirit, who stands up for what she believes is right. And Yuvi, a die-hard music lover, who can strum the guitar all night long and still wake up the next morning to drop off his girlfriend. The three become close friends and start hanging out regularly. So how does Aditya, a stranger, become a part of their lives? And what happens next? Sorry, You’re Not My Type is a true story that will redefine friendship, affection, and infatuation.

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 All relationships should come with a precautionary warning: HANDLE WITHCARE

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Book Review: Nazaqat by Sasha H Singhal


·         ISBN – 9788192692616

·         Genre: Fiction

·         Publishers: Half Baked Beans

·         Price: Rs. 125/-

Naazani, a shy girl with a lonely childhood, was born and brought up in Dehradun. She moves to a metropolitan for further education and gets absorbed. In a series of events, she decides to adopt prostitution and becomes one of the most successful high profile escorts of the city with the help of her manager Sharat.

In a quest to be successful, she leaves her friends behind and dedicates more time to her profession. Nazaqat witnesses a police raid at a nearby place and the real scenario of prostitution terrifies her.She decides to take a stand and do something about it. However, Sharat convinces her that she is not powerful enough to make a difference.

Nazaqat retires and pool all her money and starts a restaurant – Joy foods in partnership with Sharat. The business grows and soon enough they have numerous outlets in various cities and Naazani Singh Shekhawat emerges as a significant entrepreneur of nation.

To cherish the old memories, she organizes a group together and calls all her old friends. Next morning, it is found that something drastic happened the night before. 

Meanwhile, she invites an author – Matthews, who is an old acquaintance to pen down her own biography. He visits her each night and in a series of ten nights, her story finds its crescendo.Will prostitution be legalized?  What’s her intention with the biography she is planning? What shall be the fate of Naazani Singh Shekhawat aka Nazaqat?

Nazaqat is a very detailed and carefully woven story which is a unique blend of thrill and drama. It is a refreshing story about a girl who adopts prostitution on her own will and starts a quest to legalize prostitution in India. While it’s entertaining because of the commercial voice, it also addresses grave issues of feminism, prostitution and homosexuality in society.

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Monday, March 03, 2014

About dreams and dreamers - An invite

"Dream - for they come true " is something I always believed in. Eternal dreamer is how I have always wanted to be known as for I dream with both my eyes open and close. One such dream was to be an editor of a magazine. I always wanted one day my sign to read as Editor for various reasons. One I have always been in love with the written word and two a magazine's editor as per was a dream job to be in. To just keep writing and reading , who wouldn't love such a job!
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