Behind the Book: Tarang Sinha

Today @ Behind the book we have Ms. Tarang Sinha one of the author’s of the latest book Uff Yeh Emotions – part 2.

A prolific blogger (You can read her as blog HERE )and previously published in leading magazines like Women’s Era, Tarang ‘s writing has always been one that touches a chord with the reader somewhere deep down making you mull about what you just read long after you are done with reading her. She comes across as someone who would want her writing to be more talked about rather than her. In conversation with her in an attempt to know her in her own words: 

Extending a warm welcome to Reviews and Musings to you! It is a pleasure having you here and thank you so much for your time. Let’s talk about your upcoming story in Uff Yeh Emotions part 2. What is it about?

First of all, thank you so much for such lovely words for me! I really like visiting your blogs regularly, so it’s an absolute pleasure being here. UYE 2 is an emotional joyride where you’ll meet some beautiful stories about love and relationships. But they are not just typical love stories. It deals with many other sweet and special relationships that we cherish and nurture in our lives. It’s different, embellished with myriads of emotions!

Women and women issues seem to be a central topic in most of your stories. Any specific reason for that?

Nothing particular. It just comes naturally…:)

Being an author, holding your book in your hands – how is the feeling? Is it a dream you always saw since childhood?

Oh, it feels really good (You know that!) . 

No, like many other children, I wanted to become so many things but never a writer. It just happened accidently when I discovered flair of writing in me. Few published creations encouraged me and I decided to chisel my writing ability. Still, I know, I need to work hard on it.

Writing as they say is a lonely journey. Any personal motto you would like to share with budding authors that keeps you going through pursuing your passion for writing?

I somehow like the silent aura of solitude! And I need it sometimes. If I talk about the motto, it would be “A deep desire to settle the whirling ideas and imagination with ‘Pure Love’ for writing”.

Any favourite author whom you idealize and why?

Can I say more than one name? Thanks for your permission! (I know you’d have said a ‘yes!’)

In my childhood, I loved reading SharatChanddra because I found his writing contemporary and quite ahead of his time.Then, It’s Debbie Macomber! I like her delightful love stories and characters, especially her hero! Sophie Kinsella for her humour and wit.Meghna Pant & Preeti Shenoy, for their light, contemporary, and very identifiable stories & characters.And recently, I admired Michelle Cohen Corasanti for her beautiful, inspirational and poignant writing style in The Almond Tree!

Apart from writing what are the other things that keep you occupied, letting your creative juices flow?

I think! No, seriously, there are rare of the rarest moments when my always-occupied mind is free of thoughts. And recently, I have developed a deep desire to paint. However, I’m very BAD at this stage, I’ve created a new blog to keep my interest alive! It’s very satisfying (I think you know that… :)

Tell us something about Tarang the person which is different from Tarang the author that you would want your readers to know.

Mmmm…I’m a science graduate, pursuing Diploma in creative Writing from IGNOU (As I’ve realized that no matter how good you are, a certain degree enhances the credibility of your work) .I’m an introvert and hardcore optimistic. Very patient and unselfish (That I feel good about). I’m not at all straight forward that sometimes, I wish I were. I prefer to stay at home with family, my writing, books, and yes, internet! Am I praising myself too much? 

If asked to describe yourself in three words what would they be?

Optimistic. Trustworthy. Understanding.

We would love to know your future projects or any other books you might be working on currently.

I think you should not reveal two things you’re still working on, as you never know whether you’re going to reach your destination or not.

First, You’re writing a book

Second, you’re on a mission of losing weight.

The path to reach their destination is very very difficult and full of hurdles!

Guessed the answer?

One message that you would like to give to your readers and all those aspiring authors who dream of being HERE someday,  having the title of author associated with their name. 

I think, for me it is premature as my writing career is at nascent stage. But still I would like to say that published or not published, if you love writing, you’re a writer. Never hesitate to call yourself a writer.

I’ve learned that it takes a lot of hard work and patience to get published. You’ll have to ignore some negative and discouraging remarks. Just stay focused and trust your ability.

A huge thank you for sparing some of your precious time to be with here today, we would like to wish you all the best for all your future endeavors.

My pleasure! Thank you so much! I wish you all the very best!!:)

P.S: You can connect with her through her FB page HERE


  1. She is such a sweet, loving person with a great insight. Actually both of you are great. We all love to read and still crave for more. :)

  2. Great Interview Didi.. And Namrata, thanks for that..



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