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Today @Behind the book we have Mr. Nilabh the author of the mythological fiction Swayamvar (Hindi) that talks about Bhisma and Amba’s love story in a never told before manner. You can read my review HERE about it.

Being an engineer by profession amidst his busy schedules also lies an author who always dreamt of coming out with this story which had to be told. 

     Extending a warm welcome to Reviews and Musings to you! It is a pleasure having you here and thank you so much for your time. Let’s talk about your book Swayamwar. Can you share something about it with us? 

    First of all, thank you to choose me for your interview. Let’s begin from start. The start of “Swayamwar” is quite interesting. My elder sister (you might know her) Mrs. Tarang Sinha is also a writer and I use to be the biggest critic of her work. One fine day we were discussing about her novel and as usual, I was giving some suggestions. Suddenly she told me that why don’t you write something. I thought she is kidding but when she start poking me again and again, I thought let’s try. So I wrote two chapters of “Swayamwar” and sent to her. After her positive response, I sent that to Diamond Books. Surprisingly, they revert very next day and asked me to complete the novel within a month. I didn’t have any choice but to complete “Swayamwar”. :)

2.  Mythological fiction has always been an area of interest for you? Any specific reason why you choose this story to be told? 

   Always! I am crazy about mythology since my childhood. Actually I am the mythological encyclopedia for my family and friends. I own the first mythological blog of India, “DharmSansar” ( And Mahabharata! Oh! What to say. I read over 100 versions of Mahabharata but I never understood the strange relationship of Amba and Bhishma. None of those books or authors satisfied me and I always wanted to keep my point on their relationship and hence I choose this topic for my first novel.

3.   From an engineer to an author. How does it feel? 

     Please! I am still an engineer. “Swayamwar” was a kind of experiment and I still don’t know the response of the book. Yes, it’s a special feeling to become a published author. I have individually distributed over 100 copies of “Swayamwar” (free of course:)) but when someone calls and say that the book is good, that is amazingly satisfying. 

4.   Working full time and still finding time to write a book of your own. Must require a lot of dedication. Any tips you would like to share with your readers and other aspiring authors on time management. 
     Frankly speaking, I don’t know anything about time management. Actually I don’t believe in it. I have never bound myself in any kind of routine. I have my own way of working and doesn’t matter how much work I have, I always have some spare time. I always believe if you are always busy, you are working in wrong place or doing wrong things. Once, someone told me that the spelling of “busy” is “LAZY”.
      Your ideal writer would be? 

    Realistic. If you are writing what you think, I am sure the output will be great. Imagination or thinking should not be influenced by anyone. I am a big fan of Premchand, Hajari Prasad Dwivedi and NarendraKohli.

6.   Looking at the current Indian publishing market where every day you have a new author born how difficult do you think is for the quality to sustain amidst the quantity of writers. 
     I think this is the responsibility of publishing houses. Look, as a writer I always like my work but it’s the responsibly of a publisher to decide actually where am I standing. I can be a good critic for others but when it comes to me, I can’t set a benchmark for myself. The future of English writers are bright but I am afraid for the future of Hindi book industry. Hindi books are not being publicize as English books are. “Swayamwar” is one of the example even published by one of the publishing giant, “Diamond Books”. I am not sure that apart from my family and friend circle, how many people are aware of this book. Bottom line is, no matter how fabulous book you have written, if marketing is poor, your efforts will be in vain. But in long term, only quality can sustain.

7.   Please share your experiences about getting published with the aspiring authors. How has been your journey till here? 

     Awesome! You have something to show after all. J For me, it’s self-satisfying. If you are writing a book just because it will succeed and you will get lots of money and fame, sorry sir, you are in wrong path. Writing should always be for your satisfaction. If you are really satisfied, your readers must like it. Just be yourself, satisfy yourself and leave the rest to God.Thank god, Premchand or Sharatchandra didn’t write for money or fame.

8.  Is there a difference between Nilabh the author and Nilabh as a person because your writings are every emotional that reflect you are a highly emotive person. 
     Wow! How did you know? Thanks to understand me. I am indeed a highly emotional person. In fact those who know me well, use to call me an emotional fool. J And there is only one “Nilabh”. I am what I am and fortunately I can’t change.
     What is the one good thing and one bad thing about being an author?

     It’s simple for me. Good thing is that you have a chance to be recognized and if you are not, nothing can be worse than that.

10.We would love to know your future projects or any other books you might be working on currently. 
     I have never told about this before but I will tell you. I have to write the sequel of “Swayamwar” and I am working on it. Don’t worry, it won’t be “Swayamwar II”. J That will be the second and final part of “Swayamwar”. Apart from this, I have few projects in my mind but I don’t see any sense to disclose it now.
A huge thank you for sparing some of your precious time to be with here today, we would like to wish you all the best for all your future endeavors.You can read his other words on his blog HERE.


  1. good interview... liked your questions more... hope to read the book some day, though hindi is my -little- weak point... i like anything related to mahabharata...

    1. Thanks Pratikshya I somehow like to ask different questions and make them personalised as per the author.

      The book is very well written actually and you need to trust me on that. :)

  2. Hi Namrata,

    Thanks, thanks to publish this.


    1. It is a pleasure Nilabh having you here and thank you so much for your time!


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