Another moment when the TIME stood still

Previously I had shared my experience of writing for this nation wide contest held by Half Baked Beans here. Today when the book has released, it is giving me jitters as I type this. Jitters because this was the first ever contest I participated in and the first short story ever that I wrote , with the help of a wonderful mentor like Harsh Agrawal.It has been enthralling experience working with all these authors as a team having all the support from Harsh and ofcourse Mr.Chetan Soni of Half Baked Beans.

It is definitely a moment for me when TIME stood still as I held this book in my hands and pinched myself to believe it to be true.

You can buy the book HERE

P.S: Do let me know your feedback on my story The Filch featured therein! Eagerly waiting....


  1. A proud moment and wonderful feeling indeed!:)

  2. Congrats, Privy! Here's to many many more short stories and books from you :) I'll look forward to reading your story..

  3. Congrats, it really must've been something.
    Happy for you :D

    Hopelessly Hopeful

  4. That' super fun. Congo:)


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