Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Letter to a stranger

Dear You,

7 years ago I was a victim of cyber crime. My email ids were hacked, obnoxious emails sent from my id to all my friends and family in address book with an attempt to malign my name. Within span of few hours my world had come crashing down. Just few hours back I had a job, loving friends and a wonderful family around me. Just one email and the only thing clearly visible was doubt in each one of their eyes. And all that remained in my heart was fear - fear of trusting people.

2.5 years back when I thought of starting a blog, the fear of that incident came to my mind and hence I decided to blog anonymously. My facebook profile, my blogs – everything just spells one thing- anonymity. People had also told me that if I ever dream of being a writer it would never happen for every reader needs to connect with the writer which does not happen in your case. But I still continued writing for I knew I was writing purely for the love of it. I wanted to touch hearts and I knew words had the power to do that. I did not need a face to create that magic. 

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Book Review : The Immigrant by Manju Kapur


·         ISBN -9788184000610

·         Genre: Fiction

·         Publishers: Random House

·         Price: Rs. 299/- (I got this book from the publisher requesting for a review)

The Immigrant as a book struck me for various reasons. One Manju Kapur happens to be one of my favourite authors since the time I read her book Home. She writes about human relationships very beautifully and that too in the Indian context which makes it very easy to connect. Secondly her stories always have a woman as the central character triggering the feminist in me. And lastly I am too much in love with India as a country and somehow the people who have migrated to various countries have always made me curious. I as a person need a sense of belonging to exist – be it with the person, city, town, area, house or the country and the moment I come across people who migrate I somehow wonder as to how do they exist at a place where they will always be an outsider.

Behind The book
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 As a delineator of middle-class lives in India Manju Kapur has few parallels.” Business Standard. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Book review: English Bites by Manish Gupta


·         ISBN 9780143419006
·         Genre: Non Fiction / Self help
·         Publishers: Penguin Books
·         Price: Rs. 250/- (I got this book from the author requesting for a review)

I have always been an average student throughout my school and college and the only subject where I scored the maximum was English. I have topped my boards and University in this subject and I proudly add – Without any much preparation. It somehow came very naturally to me for reasons I still don’t know. I was a winner in all debates and elocutions too and this continues till date. All this coming from someone who was once stammered (Yes, imagine me!!) is truly a huge thing for me and the entire credit for it goes to my mother who encouraged me to read and speak. She ensured endless books from which I could keep on reading loudly till the time I was adjudged the winner of interschool elocution competition where the topics were not given in advance to us. 

I have always been a bit critical and skeptical about the Indian publishing scenario. So when I saw this book on Penguin’s page my first reaction was WOW.. Something different! What a concept, hats off to the person who thought about writing something like this. And the perks of being a reviewer are that the author contacted me asking if I would want to read this book. No prizes for guessing my answer!
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 The Fun Way to Improve our English

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Line of Control

Couple of weeks back I blocked someone on my face book and Whatsapp – the first time I have ever done so to anyone ever. Though initially I was surprised by my own stance after a while I realized I did it to save myself from further hurt.

To give you a background this person became a friend after reading something on my blog which he liked a lot. It began like the usual friendship and eventually somewhere in between began to creep discomfort. For I was being asked things like why cannot we chat right now, why do you have to blog, why are you not responding, why are you so busy in office that you cannot talk right now.

In today’s times I fail to understand how people take each other for granted so much. A simple Whatsapp software on phones means that person is available 24*7 for you to talk. Nobody even bothers to ask whether that person is available to talk or not and gets offended the moment someone does not respond. I wonder if people realize that someone could be busy, on a call or simply put just not in a position to speak. Manners anyone?

Friday, August 16, 2013

Book Review: Hiccups by Harsh Pande


·         ISBN -13 978-81-8495-414-2
·         Genre: Fiction/Romance
·         Publishers: Jaico Books India
·         Price: Rs. 199/- (I got this book from the publisher requesting for a review)

Given the die-hard romantic person that I am, grabbing this book was the most obvious choice. I fell in love with the cover page and the name Hiccups made me more curious as to why would an author name a book like this while actually it was a love story – with a difference.

Behind The book

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 “You came into my life and changed everything…forever. Before you walked into my life, all I did was survive… you made me rediscover what it means to be alive.”

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Dazzler

Roshni as her name suggests is a dazzling personality – bright, chirpy, strong, independent, and vivacious with a witty sense of humour. Professionally she is a creative head for a leading magazine and by passion she is a dreamer who dreams of beautiful tomorrows full of sparkling possibilities. She is known in her entire office for her sparkling smile which could make the toughest of hearts smile. 

She is affectionate and caring because of which anyone feels comfortable sharing their darkest secrets with her. No wonder she is the undisputed best friend everyone could count on. Life till now has not been easy for her but then even gold has to pass the fire test to prove its mettle. Maybe it is this facet of hers which makes her deal with all that comes her way with a smile, be it bouquets or brickbats. Her only problem is she does not know her self-worth and only a genuine person can see what a gem she really is.

For me, she is a MIA woman. A woman who is the epitome of femininity mixed with grace, beauty, loads of oomph and dazzling like a diamond.

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 This post has been written for the Mia contest held by Tanishq.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Book Review: It started with a Friend Request by Sudeep Nagarkar

  • ·         ISBN # 978-8-184-00420-5
  • ·         Genre: Fiction/Romance
  • ·         Publishers: Random House India
  • ·         Price: Rs. 125/- (I got this book from the publisher requesting for a review)
Yet another love story! I exclaim as I begin reading this book. The points which attracted me to this book were Blackberry plays cupid here (Now this is interesting!!) the cover page is too beautiful and mushy. I love love stories and of course in today’s times when face book plays a huge role in creating love stories “It started with a friend request” definitely sounded alluring.

Behind The book

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 Why don’t we feel the moment when we fall in love but always remember when it ends?

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Book Review: Quarantine by Rahul Mehta


ISBN # 978818400138
Category: Fiction
Publishers : Random House
Price : Rs. 399/- ( This book was given to me by the publisher for a review)

This is my second review on a book dealing with homosexual relationships. Well to be honest homosexuality has always made me emotional for according to me love is the language of the Universe which everyone needs to speak.Then how come something life gender, caste, creed, ethnicity, country come as barriers.

Behind the Book
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