Friday, May 31, 2013

Book Review: A thing beyond forever by Novoneel Chakraborty


ISBN 81-88575-67-4
Genre: Fiction
Price: Rs. 100/-
Pages :212
Publishers: Srishti Publishers

Ok.. I previously read the author’s How about a sin tonight and I fell in love with it. Never before has any book got more than one post dedicated to it solely because of the beauty and oomph.

Someone came across this review and left a comment recommending his other book A thing beyond forever. And finally I managed to lay hands on it. Am not I happy? Oh I am dancing with joy for this book is another beautifully crafted masterpiece though my favourite still remains the previous one. This book has some magic of its own.

Behind the book:

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The reward for every true love is not love.....

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Book Review : Half A rupee stories by Gulzar (Translated by Sunjoy Shekhar)


Price: Rs. 299/-
Publisher : Penguin 
No. of pages : 232

Hum Cheez hai bade kaam ki from the movie Ek this Daayan made me fall in love with Gulzar all over again and at the next opportune moment I grabbed his latest book Half a rupee stories (Translated by Sunjoy Shekhar) for reading! I somehow knew every moment I heard that song I had to have this book in my hand, maybe just to feel the magic of his words perhaps. The feel of the book is itself so amazing that my joy multiplied even before reading it. The introduction of this book written by the author is the icing on the cake – sharing it here for you:

Behind the book:
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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Celebrating joy!

"I have dreamt in my life, dreams that have stayed with me ever after, and changed my ideas; they have gone through and through me, like wine through water, and altered the color of my mind. And this is one: I'm going to tell it - but take care not to smile at any part of it.” ― Emily BrontëWuthering Heights

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Book Review: First you plz by Nisha B Thakur

Firstly I would like to thank the author Nisha B Thakur for sending me this book for a review.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wandering & Wondering Thoughts

Blogging if nothing else definitely gives you a wondering and wandering mind. Since past 2 years I have been reading and writing very actively and hence can claim to belong to this category. Off late I have been wondering a lot and my soul keeps wandering to places I have never been to before. I spent sleepless nights standing by the window looking at a star studded sky wondering what’s in store for me next. And with those twinkling stars for company my heart slowly begins to wander.

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Loving You...

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Thinking about you - Wishing you were here,
Feeling as if you are around me - so far yet so near!
The moments spent with you are so few,
But they seem to glisten in my thoughts like drops of dew.
Every touch, every word, every look makes me feel like never before,
I wish the time could stop there and you could be with me some more.
Lying in your arms, feeling your breath next to mine,
Listening to your voice, seeing stars in your eyes which shine....

Makes me fall in love with you all over again!!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Silent Saturday

Book Review: Once upon the tracks of Mumbai by Rishi Vohra


·         ISBN # 978-81-8495-305-3
·         Genre: Fiction
·         Publishers: Jaico Books
·         Price: Rs. 175/- (I got this copy from the author requesting for a review)

Since the time I have started reading and reviewing books I keep frequenting flipkart and good reads for recommendations. Not to forget the various tips my other reader friends manage to give me depending on the books they have read. Once upon the tracks of Mumbai by Rishi Vohra was a book which was very much talked about in my circles and I was really looking forward to catching up with it soon (Being an investment banker cum blogger cum reviewer cum traveler cum photographer cum cook cum dancer cum…. Pheww the list is long... You get the idea right as to what keeps me so busy!!)

The author Rishi Vohra contacted me requesting me to review his book and I thanked God for granting my wish so soon. Here I need to mention that the author has been very kind in autographing the copy with my name on it adding a special touch to it and the most wonderful part was when I noticed that he had done this for all the reviewers. I truly admire such authors who go an extra mile to make the reader feel very special and privileged. Thank you so much Rishi Vohra, truly appreciate this!

Behind The book

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A fresh, well-plotted, human story about love against all odds in middle-class Mumbai, with a “hero” for whom you care deeply. It’s an entertaining read!” – Kabir Bedi, International & Bollywood Actor.

About the author

Rishi Vohra recently relocated back to Mumbai after completing a Green MBA from San Francisco State University and a Masters Diploma in Environmental Law, prior to which he had a successful career in the Indian Entertainment Industry. After featuring as a guest columnist for various newspapers in India, he currently writes for delWine and is a Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW). 'Once Upon the Tracks of Mumbai' is his first novel. (Source:

To know more about the author please visit- Website    |  Facebook   |  Twitter    |   LinkedIN 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Book Review: Ten Shades of Life

  • ·         ISBN #9789350880418
  • ·         Genre: Fiction
  • ·         Publishers: Mahaveer Publishers
  • ·         Price: Rs. 139/- (I got this copy from one of the author’s requesting for a review)
Variety is the flavor of life. The same only simple stuff does get boring at times. In the recent times where the markets are flooded with books on love, college, budding romances, friendship, campus lives etc Ten Shades of Life comes as a breath of fresh air with the variety of stories it brings along with it in a single package. 

Behind The book
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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Book Review: Chicken Soup for the Soul - Indian Mothers


  • Publisher: Westland Limited
  •  Publication Year: 2010
  •  ISBN-13: 9789380658094
  •  Number of Pages: 326 Pages
Chicken Soup for the soul, Indian Mother’s is a collection of heartwarming tales based on this beautiful gift of God to mankind – Mothers. Mothers are born chefs, dancers, teachers, painters, doctors, electricians, essayist, scientists, jokers, and dramatist since the time they are our mothers. They have the magical ability to transform our biggest troubles into small nonexistent things.  The moment you open the book you are pushed into a world full of love, care, mouth-watering delicacies, pampering and some of the most wonderful hugs in this world.

Behind the book:
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Remembering to Forget

Amma….uppu…..” ( Translation : Ma.. ..salt) Padma screamed from the dining table. She started taking deep breaths as instructed by her yoga teacher to control her seething anger. Her mother had prepared her favourite upma for breakfast today as asked by her but like every time she had forgotten to put salt in it.

Forgot… "she sniggered “How can someone forget some basic things just like that” Padma recollected her school days when her mother would forget to put sugar in her milk sometimes making her irritated early in the morning. Forgetting salt was perhaps the most common thing that she did regularly otherwise every day there was something new forgotten.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Giving and Living

Lessons in life come in various forms; sometimes it is an incident, sometimes it is a book, sometimes it is a movie while sometimes it is a person. For me it came in the form of Mr. Sharad Patel, owner of I-care Optics Limited. 

My first meeting with him is still very deeply imbibed in my mind as it was truly what you can call an unforgettable encounter. I had been requesting him for a meeting since past 6 months when one fine day God was kind enough to bestow me with His blessings in the form of a meeting with Mr. Patel. Equipped with loads of investment brochures and tons of positivity I set out to meet him unknown to fact this was going to change the way I viewed things.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Book Review: Raised by hands, lifted by tides by Willet Thomas

  • ·         Kindle edition( I got this book from the publisher requesting for a review)
  • ·         Genre: Fiction
When we first meet Lily “Lil Bit” Dalton, she is quite literally drowning. This “lip flapping” event, along with others, takes place in the quirky, yet racially divided waterway township of Arcadia, Florida in 1954.

In Raised by Hand, Lil Bit recounts the years between ten and thirteen spent in the care of the woman she considers to be her grandmother, "Bubbah," and this woman's alcoholic son, Bobby. As the story opens, it’s been five years since Lil Bit’s mama, Violet, “dropped her off like nothin’ but a bit of dirty laundry,” when on “Ditch Thursday,” Lil Bit is pulled from the river by Sheriff Marin. The Sheriff’s act of heroism leaves her not only with the secret of what lies beneath the water, but also with gnawing doubts about Sheriff Marin, “the only white man worth a damn in all of Arcadia,” who also knows the river’s secret, but tells no one.

Like the tales told by the young heroines in the classics To Kill a Mockingbird and the Secret Lives of Bees, Lily “Lil Bit” Dalton’s quest to reunite with her mother, while also keeping the secret of the Massaquatta’s murky depths, takes readers on a tumultuous ride filled with adventure and mystery. But more importantly, Raised by Hand answers the age old question: What does it take to be a family?

Behind The book

A to Z survivor!

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Thursday, May 02, 2013

Book Review: The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

  • ISBN: 9780385504225
  • Publisher: Doubleday
  • Price : Rs. 975/- ( I got this book from the publisher requesting for a review) 
  • Genre: Fiction
The day I read The Da Vinci Code I was in love with the author Dan Brown’s pacy writing style. The reader is almost left huffing and puffing all through the book as we try to keep pace with the lead characters in their pursuits. In mood for some adventure is what I would say made me take up this book for review.

Behind The book

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