Time Travelling and Weird wishes

Moments, that is what our lives are made up of. Some beautiful, some ugly, some love worthy while some reduce us to nothing but a bundle of nerves. It is these moments which define life for us in a beautiful manner.

Like a forward message today read:

Life has never promised you anything nor has destiny;
But people did;
Some said they would never leave you.... lie!
Some said they would love you until death...lie!
Some said you were the most precious one..lie!
Life is made upof such sweet  lies...all that matters is, how you faced the time you finally realised those were just lies....
We may just ask, "Wouldnt life be much better without these lies?"
But the truth is, the times you lived on those big lies were the only times you lived.

When you read these lines I am sure there is atleast one moment of your life that comes alive before your eyes taking you back in time.

For me writing Time's Lost Atlas was one such moment where I conjured up a cobweb of lies and ensured the protoganist is trapped amidst it.

Now that we are nearing the launch of the book the publisher Half Baked Beans is hosting a giveaway on it's blog. And what better way to win a book than to have to write for it. I would love to know your such quirky moments in life where you felt you could have relived it once again just to perhaps change something about it maybe or maybe just to enjoy the happiness it brought along.

Please do participate in the GIVEAWAY here as we are looking forward to know about such moments of your life!

Happy Writing and All the best <3



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