Book Review: Orbit Shifting Innovation : The Dynamics of Ideas that Create History by Rajiv Narang, Devika Devaiah


·         ISBN – 9788184003208

·         Genre: Non fiction

·         Publishers: Random House

·         Price: Rs. 280/- (I got this book from the publisher for a review)
Orbit shifting innovation happens when an area that needs transformation, meets an innovator with the will and the desire to create and not follow history. At the heart of the orbit shifting innovation, is the breakthrough that creates a new orbit and achieves a transformative impact.

Businesses, social enterprises and even governments need orbit-shifting ideas to create a transformative impact. But how does that ground breaking idea come about and what translates it into actuality? Charting the vast landscape of orbit shifting innovation and innovators across countries, cultures and industries, Orbit Shifting Innovation brings to the fore the moving force that drives orbit-shifters to take on a transformative challenge and to navigate the pitfalls and obstacles in making it happen. Orbit Shifting Innovation comprehensively outlines and delves deep into what it really take to ensure that an orbit shifting idea is grown into an in market success model with all the richness and potential of the original aspiration
Behind The book

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About the authors

Both the authors are a part of the Erehwon founder member team and more info about them can be found HERE.

Me thinks

Sometime back I fell in love with business oriented books and thanks to Random House for coming up with such innovative and tempting titles that it is difficult to give them a miss. This one was like a wonderful session with two of the most brilliant people who breathe innovation in every manner.

Every organization gives birth to many leaders within their own team by the lessons they learn day to day working there. This book talks about the innovative art of excelling beyond excellence and ensuring optimum results.

It was a very detailed read in terms of business analytics, the working of the applicability and success ratio of the concept and then of course the workability of it as a whole. I liked the way the authors dealt with the topics – simple enough for a lay man to understand and yet detailed to give you a thorough insight in what it is supposed to be. A book worth reading for every leader and every aspiring leader this one surely stole my heart as it inspired me to think beyond the end and come out with something that was par excellence. Highly recommended.

Foodie Verdict
This book is like a strong cup of black coffee - a true eye opener.

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