Book Review: Hair Yoga: Caring for your hair the right way by Jawed Habib


·         ISBN – 8184004613

·         Genre: Non- Fiction/ Self help

·         Publishers: Random House Publishers

·         Price: Rs.250/- (I got this book from the publisher for a review)

This book has a foreword and cartoons by Sudhir Tailang. Jawed Habib is one of the top hair stylists in the industry.  Jawed Habib Hair and Beauty Pvt. Ltd. is the leading player in the hair and beauty segment in India. It is one of the largest unisex salon chains in India with a presence across 62 cities. At present, the company has over 340 salon outlets and 47 salon academies in India.

The book has everything about hair carefrom taking care of dandruff, to greying, to balding.

Behind The book

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There are two things that are common to most people: we all want gorgeous hair and we all have at least one hair issue. From styling celebrities to running one of the most popular salon chains in India, to the revolutionary Xpresothe 99-rupess haircut. Jawed Habib is undoubtedly someone you can trust with your hair.  In Hair Yoga, Jawed takes you back to the basics of hair care and tackles all of your hair troubles. Packed with tips and remedies, this is the ultimate book to take hair health into your hands so that you have a good hair day, every day.

About the author

Jawed Habib is one of the top hair stylists in the industry. Jawed Habib Hair and Beauty Ltd is the leading player in the hair and beauty segment in India.

Me thinks

I had my first independent haircut at Habibs, after I had started working and yes it did wonders to my hair. No doubt it became my favourite place to be at for a  nice relaxing time starting from hair cuts to hair massages when it came to Habibs it had to be the BEST.


This book rekindled those old memories in my mind and took me back to a time when my hair featured on my priority list.  Off late with increasing work and never decreasing to-do list my hair was long forgotten and was nowhere near my top 10 important things.


I read this book half expecting few tips to improve my hair and half to take a walk down the memory lane. What I admire about Habibs is the way they deal with their clientele. A precision in their art and a razor sharp memory made a deadly combination raising their  standards of services way before branded saloons had made their way to smaller towns.


I finished this book in two hours on a lazy Sunday as I oiled my hair only to realize I was doing it the wrong way! I learnt how many types of hair are there and how easy it is to care for them without spending a fortune over them to look good.  Indian weather conditions are way different than other countries hence the products that are beneficial there might not yield good results here.  The cartoons make it more easier for one to follow all the gyan in a more light-hearted fashion. This book simplifies it all for us her. A sure must have for every woman in India for an ultimate answer to all their hair woes and that too in apna desi ishtyle!

Foodie Verdict

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This book is like a risotto-  Firangi yet completely desi!