Book Review: Dear Life by Alice Munro


·         ISBN – 9780771064869

·         Genre: Fiction

·         Publishers: Random House Publishers

·         Price: Rs. 450/- (I got this book from the publisher for a review)

The moment you hold a book written by a Nobel Prize winning author you know you are in for a big surprise in every page that you turn and this book is much more than just that.

Behind The book
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With her peerless ability to give us the essence of a life in often brief but spacious and timeless stories, Alice Munro illumines the moment a life is shaped -- the moment a dream, or sex, or perhaps a simple twist of fate turns a person out of his or her accustomed path and into another way of being. Suffused with Munro's clarity of vision and her unparalleled gift for storytelling, these stories (set in the world Munro has made her own: the countryside and towns around Lake Huron) about departures and beginnings, accidents, dangers, and homecomings both virtual and real, paint a vivid and lasting portrait of how strange, dangerous, and extraordinary the ordinary life can be.

About the author

Alice Ann Munro, née Laidlaw, is a Canadian short-story writer who is widely considered one of the world's premier fiction writers. Munro is a three-time winner of Canada's Governor General's Award for fiction. Her stories focus on human relationships looked at through the lens of daily life. She has thus been referred to as "the Canadian Chekhov."

She is the winner of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Literature.

Me thinks

Alice Munro is a name to be reckoned with her writing known worldwide. She was always on my TBR list till last month when I managed to grab her finally on the Random Houses’ book list.

 Her book aptly titled Dear Life is a collection of some beautifully written stories which are brought together to give you an experience of a life time. Each one complete in its own sense making a complete picture and yet incomplete- when all of them come together they form a beautiful picture (read book) you realize how aptly they have been strung across.

The lucid language and beautiful narration makes this book an amazing experience. Each story has a unique nuance of its own to display making it an enthralling read. A must must must read for all literature lovers I am sure you will fall in love with life again through this.

This is one book I am going to read again and again for nothing else but the sheer brilliance it reflects and to bask in its beauty. If there would be a day when God would tell it’s your last day to write I would like to leave behind something like this!

Foodie Verdict

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This book is like Cinnamon Tea - refreshingly different!
 P.S This book has been received from Random House for review.