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At Indiblogeshwaris we are a wonderful bunch of happy go lucky love-to-laugh gals who also happen to be bloggers. We love, laugh and most importantly spread both of them all around. This Christmas we decided to spread some of the holiday cheer by playing Secret Elves to our fellow bloggers. I was chosen as the secret elf for a wonderful blog by Seeta Bodke called The Write Side.

Behind the Blog:
This blog was started in 2006 by Seeta mainly as an outlet for her feelings and thoughts though it is very recently that she has began writing very regularly and that too on topics that seem to be running in each of our minds.
About the Author:
Taking words from her Seeta is ~
A self confessed writer trapped in the body of an IT consultant for years together…this is the space where I have finally revived my rendezvous with my dearest companion.. The space for my musings and thoughts that flow out of my pen.
"Me" thinks
The first thing that I liked and observed about her blog was her simplicity - in the looks and also the user friendliness it had it terms of navigation. The concentration being on the most important thing - content. I read all her posts from the first to the latest one and the sole thing that reflected through each one of them consistently was that each one was straight from her heart. She writes about topics that touch her, inspire her, motivate her, make her think and upto some extent that disappoint her too in terms of where we are leading to as a country.

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I thoroughly enjoyed reading all her posts that ranged from simple and lucid to firebrand ones that make you pause everything and think for a moment about all that you just read. If I had to choose one of my personal favourites it would surely be Live and Let Love for it touched my heart in more than one ways. I like her freeflow style of writing where the words are not minced with or pondered upon long before writing for as I said they come straight from her heart.
A small feedback I would like to give her is to put up her social media details there like Facebook or twitter handles for the readers to connect with her through them as well. And yes she could do with a charming header as well for such a wonderful blog truly deserves a crown!  Overall a wonderful blog with an equally wonderful author who makes you wonder as to if what you are doing is what you should be!
If there is one thing I would like to tell her it would be :
Merry Christmas Seema - I hope this makes you SMILE (Picture source: Google Images)
Foodie Verdict:

This blog is like Ferrero Rocher chocolate - crunchy, sweet, and yet delectable all in the right proportions!


  1. when I start reading your posts I am sure it would always be worth my time and here again you to justice to the job at hand. And you sum it up all in one sentence for the bloggers "The concentration being on the most important thing - content"...wonderful review and great job elf !!!

    1. Just an attempt to make someone smile through my review and brighten the Xmas :)

      Glad I could do that!

  2. Thank you for such a lovely review, sure mde my Christmas :) mor importantly it introduced me to your blog, will browse through it :)

  3. I agree with you Privy. I've read Seeta a few times and have always come away feeling replete. She does dish up delectable stuff.

    Good job done secret elf! Merry Christmas!

  4. Good review, I love Seeta's blog too and have been a regular reader there from the past few months. I think she writes superbly and all her posts are 'Direct Dil se' :)

  5. I read the post you have mentioned and quiet liked it myself. Wonderful review :)

  6. Nice review Privy. and wow you have so many blogs!

    1. Thanks Suzy :)

      I have two. One for review and the other one for writing!


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