Book Review: Change your life by Sneha Mehta

·         ISBN – 9788184004311
·         Genre: Non-Fiction/ Self help
·         Publishers: Random House Publishers
·         Price: Rs. 199/- (I got this book from the publisher for a review)
As a genre I have a special liking towards self help not because it will help me or for anyone for that matter. But I like reading them to understand the personal experiences of people and to know the various facets of life. This book attracted for the various new age healers or spiritual gurus who were associated with is - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Trupti Jayin, Bejan Daruwalla, Sanjay B Jumaani, PaulaHoran, Ramesh Chauhan, Pandit Gopal Sharma, Nithya Shanti, Bindu Maira, NanditaSanker, Rajyogini Shivani Didi Impressive list isn’t it? Surely a worthwhile read!
Behind The book
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Motivational stories from new-age healers who are changing millions of lives worldwide

About the author
Sneha Mehta is the author of the hugely popular 21 Things Every Girl Should Know. Snehais also an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner—a healing therapy that oftencures fears, pains, traumas, addictions, and health disorders within minutes. She travelsall across the country to conduct workshops and seminars on EFT and also takes personalappointments.

She writes extensively on love, sex, relationships, spirituality, and healing on her
She has a Majors in Psychology and is based in Udaipur. She can be reached; Twitter handle: @mehta_sneha
Me thinks
When you have so many great names coming together to talk about life you know for sure you have a masterpiece in your hand, a treasure cove to be cherished throughout your life and a life time reference guide to keep going back to it whenever you sense the word T or trouble or S of stress looming near you.
Honestly this book came at a very right time to me. I was going through a very challenging phase in life and this book helped me soar through it like a breeze. Many times in life it happens that you reach a stage where the only thing clear is confusion and books like these add up as a guiding light during such dark phases.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this most importantly because it did not sound preachy at all rather it sounded like a first person’s narrative of a friend who was sharing his/ her experience with me and that is what perhaps makes this book more of an enthralling read. Each and every story is a new experience altogether every time you read it and I promise you a newer lesson unveiling itself with each page.
Strongly recommended for one and all for an enthralling experience of a lifetime!
Foodie Verdict
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This book is like panki chatni - tangy, hot, delicious and mouth watering!
 P.S This book has been received from Random House for review.


  1. Life turns to bliss through such well-wishers of mankind.I have experience for such things,me.

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