Book Review: Ex by Novoneel Chakraborthy

  • ISBN : 978-8-184-00432-8
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Publisher: Random House
  • Price: Rs. 150/- ( I got this book from the publisher for a review)
The only Indian Author who according to me has redefined romance as a genre by bringing in tragedy, thriller, suspense, mystery and murder with it delivering a heady concoction of a tale leaving you high long after you have emptied its contents. That is EX a twisted love story by Novoneel Chakraborty for you.

Behind The book

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About the Author

Novoneel Chakraborty is based in Mumbai and he is currently working as a screenwriter. For more details about the author please visit: Blog  and Face book

Me Thinks

The most appreciable thing that I admire about the author is his ability to write romance so beautifully and yet delivering something different everytime. I started with his How about a Sin tonight and I wanted to be Nishani. Then I read A thing beyond forever and I wanted to be Radhika. And this time I am confused who I want t be – Titiksha or Nivrita (And no I am not revealing the reasons for it!!)

The story Ex revolves around Neel who is an aspiring author and bumps into Nivrita who is the commissioning editor for a leading publishing house at the Jaipur Literary Festival. She tells him she is his ex while Neel does not seem to remember anything about her. And yet he is attracted to her in a strange fashion. He is in a steady relationship with Titiksha but the arrival of Nivrita seems like a threat to their fairyland. He begins working with Nivrita on his dream - debut novel and after that everything that was a reality seems like a dream.

Somewhere in those pages I could catch a glimpse of the author as Neel the main protagonist of the story. The author has managed to create an excellent tempo in the beginning and retained it till the end; which is highly required from thrillers. To be honest I had not even read the blurb before requesting for this book as I had half expected it to be full of romance like his other books. I was pleasantly surprised to see that romance had been mixed with thriller, murder and suspense in this book. It was a nail biting experience and I bet till the last page it was difficult to guess the end. There were many instances where I felt I had got a hang of things and now I knew how things would progress when Bazooka and the story would turn again. A complete roller coaster ride albeit full of emotions.  To say I loved it would be wrong for it was much more than that but then there is no other word that comes to my mind about this book. Iived this book as I devoured on each and every page slowly soaking in the love, taking in each and every word and  till the time I felt for a moment I was there -  I was Titiksha!

The most beautiful part about his books, something which I strongly connect with – Love is forever. Come whatever may, nothing can change it. You might fight, hate for a moment but when you love a person for a moment you love a person for a lifetime and sometimes for many lifetimes too!

I would recommend this book to all romance lovers – it will make you see love in a new light especially in today’s times when it has lost its meaning somewhere behind all the other synonyms it has found for itself.

Foodie Verdict 
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This book is like truffies. Sweet, delicate, melts in mouth, crunchy at places and leaves a sweet goey lingering taste in your mouth.

P.S This book has been received from Random House for review.