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Since the time I began reading and then reviewing I always wanted to know what goes in the mind of an author. And luckily today I am glad to say that finally I got that chance. I am beginning with one of my favourite authors Ritu Lalit for being all that she is. A writer, an independent woman, a wonderful friend and an amazing mother to her children. Ritu Lalit is multi talented; she is a keen observer of life, a voracious reader, a parent, a blogger, an author and also an office worker. Chakra is her third book. Her other two books are: A Bowlful of Butterflies published by Rupa & Co and Hilawi published by Popular Prakashan. Ritu Lalit can be reached at her blog HERE

1   Firstly a warm welcome to Reviews and Musings. A bowlful of butterflies, Hilawi and now Chakra. How does it feel to know that your latest book sold 1400 copies in the pre-order itself? Must be exuberating for you as an author.

Yes it is.  I am thrilled.  It is something that makes me want to work harder, go on a bigger flight of imagination.

2    How did writing happen to you, was it something you always wanted to be as a child?

Yes, you could put it that way.  I have always been a writer, it is not something that happened to me.  I actually wrote my first novel in long hand when I was fourteen years old.

    What inspired you to write Chakra – Chronicles of the Witch way?

We have a rich culture of mythology and fantasy in our land.  I thought of writing a tale set in modern times, which had elements of fantasy in it.  It is inspired by our myths. 

     How did you come up with the title of your book?

The book was to be called simply “The Witch Way.”  When the publisher suggested a trilogy, I decided to give each book a different title and call the entire series Chronicles of the Witch Way.  Since the characters believe that their Chakras give them power, I called it Chakra.

5    As a writer I believe that every author has got some favourites in a book.Who is your favorite character from your book and why?

Jorawar is impressive, but my favorite is Mickey.  He is so full of life, mischievous and engaging. 
       A sequel is in progress for Chakra we hear. Can you tell us something more about it?
Legacy is the second book of the trilogy.  It starts three years after Parineeta and Jorawar’s wedding.  Parineeta is expecting twins and they are powerful.  It scares vested interests.  It is a darker book.  Samaira has grown up, she is bitter and rebellious.  Deep does not live with his aunt and sister.  Politics and violence that was contained with the Battle of the Baoli flares up once again.
7       Sounds very innovative and interesting. How did this unique concept come into being?

It is a logical development from the last book.

8     If I were to ask – name one of the most beautiful thing and one worst thing about being an author what would it be?

The most beautiful thing is that one creates.  Seeing my books in print, reading them after they are published gives a joy that is indescribable.  The worst thing?  Critics and trolls who just want to be negative because they want to get a rise out of you.  It is so negative and futile … I hate negativity.  It hampers creativity.
9   Could you shed some light on this journey of your life of becoming an author?

I was a blogger with some short stories that had been published.  A cousin reminded me of my first novel and said, “Why don’t you start writing again?”  Around the same time a couple of bloggers got book deals.  It encouraged me so I wrote.  I just sent the book to one publisher, Rupa & Co.  It got accepted.
      Do you have any advice for aspiring writers who want to be published?

Write the book you want to read.  Do not write just because you think it will sell.  I have always tried to be true to my inspiration, my creativity and that has worked.  Do not try to be the next Amish or Chetan Bhagat or Dan Brown.  Be the best writer you can be.  

Thank you so much once again for sparing some of your precious time for our readers here!


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