Silent Sunday

P.S : This is one of my first ever clicks and hence very special for me, sharing it to revive some old memories.


  1. Okay, can we also have the story behind this ;)

    Anyway, nice capture!

    1. Kajal this is my Mom's garden :)

      I had bought a cam when my brother left for Australia so that I could update him about all the happenings here. It is a very basic 10 megapixel cam. And began clicking all that happened in the house. So this one was - We had a nice hibiscus in our garden today moment :D

      Thanks so much!!

      And from that madness photography has become something else for me now :)

  2. Is it on the stalk or on the falling motion? However it is lovely.

  3. A bright beginning to a beautiful journey of photography! Keep clicking! :)

    1. :D

      Thanks so much Sui, those were some lovely words!


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