Last but not the least

Today we come to an end of the 7 day festival at Write Tribe. Despite everything I still managed to write everyday though once again the only thing is I was not able to comment and visit as much as I would have loved to . I usually take part in such festivals to make new connections, meet newer people and read some more wonderful blogs. But unfortunately during such festivals I am surrounded by such a mess that just surviving through it seems like a mammoth task to me. Phew enough of my cribbing.

Every time I feel low I count my blessings and as today I am sad about so many things ( End of this festival, me not writing enough, me not commenting enough etc etc...) I think I should do that right now:

  • My first blessing - I am hale and hearty (touchwood!) though my health did try to play a bit of games with me, but in the end I won and today am jumping back to normalcy.
  • Second blessing - I am loved, genuinely by a handful of people for all that I am. And that is surely a blessing!
  • Third blessing - I have started the journey from being a dreamer to becoming a doer and hopefully soon it should lead me to become an achiever.
  • Fourth blessing - After a long time of being in chaotic state of mind right now I am in a happy state, contended maybe because I have finally accepted the chaos around me!
  • Fifth blessing - There was a time when I was cribbing about the truckload of problems that got delivered at my doorstep one fine day. But today I am all smiling as I can see a way of showing that truck its right directions and making it leave me in peace.
  • Sixth blessing - Two of my dreams are going to come true soon and it is like a WOW moment for me.
  • Seventh blessing - Just the fact that despite all that came my way I made it till here reminds me of the strength God has bestowed me with and that is indeed SPECIAL :)
I am truly blessed and so are you - have you counted your blessings off late?


  1. Those are some really great points to be feeling blessed about....More blessings your way and stay happy, always.

    God bless!

  2. Good one pv,First u take care of your health.I m not a writer but i'll sugest u that you should give some time for your co-blogger and try to atleast a small comment for them,b/c they deserve it.
    I m happy to know about your blessings and wish u always be happy and live life as you like.TC ,GBU.

    1. Yes Pravir I agree I should be doing that and that is something I am trying hard.

      Thanks :)


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